Abandoned Hotel Croatia

abandoned hotel croatia

abandoned hotel croatia

Photos of the Abandoned Hotel Belvedere in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The hotel was destroyed in the during the Croatian War of Independence in an attack by the Serbian navy when the hotel was just six years old. Thomas made it to some locations we didn’t get to the first time, like the cafes and restaurants but didn’t find the mythic wine cellar...

A former military resort in Croatia stands in ruins, eerily frozen in time. FREE In Google Play. Get. Show me the weather in... city, zip, or place ... Resort in Ruins: Abandoned Hotel in Croatia ...

Abandoned places in Croatia > Ex-hotel Marina Lučica. When all that was left of the sunset was a dark blue sky, the gentle glow of the street-lamps illuminated the perimeter of the tiny island, which floated in the distance on the silver sea.

Postcards from Kupari: Visiting Croatia’s ‘Bay of Abandoned Hotels’. Up ahead it was swallowed by the sea, where the clear Adriatic waters massaged hungrily at the shore. Back in Dubrovnik – the so-called ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’ – selfie sticks had rattled like sabres along the battlements of King’s Landing (that’s right, they filmed Game of Thrones here; as the tour touts will remind you every four minutes or so).

Malinska, Croatia Abandoned Haludovo Palace Hotel This truly palatial work of Communist-era architecture now sits crumbling on a Croatian beach.

Hotel Jadran was socialist Yugoslavia’s first hotel. When the construction of the hotel finished in 1950, most observers agreed that it was the most beautiful on the coast, situated along a three kilometer stretch of pebble beach on the Makarska Riviera in the tiny town of Tucepi, and surrounded in pines.

Paradise lost: At the ruins of a Dubrovnik luxury hotel destroyed by war. When foreign tourists abandoned the town following the outbreak of the Croatian War in March 1991, the hotels became refugee shelters for people fleeing from the countryside, where YPA was seizing villages one by one. This of course made them tactical targets.

The Penthouse Club Adriatic casino, part of the Haludovo Palace Hotel, is located on the island of Krk, Croatia. Today, the Haludovo Hotel is not exactly how the Penthouse Pets left the modernist icon in 1973.

But very few resorts will get as ghostly as the Kupari luxury resort in Croatia, which hasn’t seen any paying guests since its last season more than 20 years ago. Photos by Ben Fredericson. See more photos of Kupari by Ben Fredericson. Kupari is a bay on the Adriatic Sea in an area considered to have the best beaches in the country.

The Casualties of War: The Hotel Belvedere in Dubrovnik, Croatia. In the lobby of our hostel within the walls of old Dubronik, we sat with new friends over wine. One backpacker whispered of an abandoned hotel where a traveler he met had found an intact wine cellar and undetonated grenades. It was decided that the next day,...

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