Abandoned Hotels America

abandoned hotels america

abandoned hotels america

Matthew Christopher's Abandoned America is a hauntingly beautiful photographic chronicle of the ruins in our midst and their fascinating histories.

Abandoned America: Churches in sad states of decay. Haunting scenes of abandoned churches where the congregations have vanished and the elements are taking a harsh toll on once-magnificent structures.

Abandoned America: Photos from the trolley graveyard. Take a virtual visit to a trolley graveyard, where a once-popular form of urban transportation is now another scene of American attrition.

Satsop Abandoned Nuclear Plant. The Satsop Nuclear Power Plant was 75% complete in 1983 before the money ran out and work was abandoned. To avoid steep dismantling costs, the site was eventually handed over to a public corporation and became the Satsop Development Park, home to various light industry businesses who work in the shadows of the two cooling towers.

We owe a lot of our ghost towns to the Gold Rush, when communities sprang up around lucrative mines and were abandoned, almost overnight, as soon as everything stopped being so lucrative.

Visit, sleep, and investigate America's most haunted places! We offer haunted accommodation and overnight ghost hunts in the country's top haunted hotspots!

One afternoon, five abandoned Yugoslav-era hotels. “The Croatian War of Independence – the ‘Homeland War,’ as they called it – broke out in 1991, a backlash against the increasingly Serb-nationalist leadership of Yugoslavia.

Varosha is the booming Cyprus tourist resort abandoned after the events of 1974 - now former residents dream of turning it into an eco-city.

Take a coast-to-coast tour of America's most haunted locations, where lingering spirits roam through the halls of hotels, abandoned insane asylums, Broadway theaters, and more.

Jackson, Mississippi: Abandoned World's Largest Mississippi River Model Spread along 14 now-overgrown acres, the outdoor Mississippi Basin Model was the largest hydraulic model ever built. Completed in 1966, closed in 1993, abandoned soon thereafter.

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