Abandoned Hotels California

abandoned hotels california

abandoned hotels california

Scouting an Abandoned Hotel in Southern California Posted by: Scout March 31, 2010 79 Comments Whenever I see a sign like the one below hanging outside of an abandoned property, I immediately feel an intense desire to get inside.

Providing you with all the eerie fascination you can handle, but none of the zombie dogs killing your German shepherd, here are the 13 most creepy abandoned places in California, a few of which ...

When you want maximum creepiness from your creepy abandoned hotel, why look beyond the local bunkhouse in the famous abandoned ghost town of Amboy, California? Immaculately preserved from the outside for those extra eerie points, the sign for Roy’s Motel Café welcomes you to this desolate spot surrounded by bleak desert landscape where you ...

Abandoned North Shore Motel, Salton Sea, California (Images: slworking2 , cc- nc-sa-3.0 ) Immortalised in the 2005 film The Island , the abandoned North Shore Motel is as eerie as California’s incongruous Salton Sea by which it stands.

Discover 50 places tagged “Abandoned” in California Share Tweet. Upland, California ... The abandoned train depot now doubles as a well-placed rest stop for those who take the road less traveled.

17 Abandoned Places in Northern California That Nature Is Reclaiming. ... Hot Springs Hotel. flickr/david cohen. This is an abandoned hot springs in Northern California. I'm not sure I've ever seen antique toilet paper before. 12. Loma Prieta Benched this Building. flickr/ron reiring.

10 Abandoned Buildings in California Haunted by Black Eyed Kids Mansions, Hollywood, Celebrity psychics , black eyed kids…? California is home to many things, but not all of them are pleasant.

Abandoned to the squatters, vandals, and urban adventurers of Detroit in the 1990s, the 15-storey high-rise Lee Plaza Hotel is, on one hand, a monument to failure.

From the Catskills to California, here are 10 abandoned places that were once summer hotspots. 1 / ... The resort's owner died in 1972 and the property was sold to a hotel developer, but nothing ...

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