Abandoned Hotels Poconos

abandoned hotels poconos

abandoned hotels poconos

These resorts were once glamorous summer vacation spots. Internet Archive Book Images/Flickr, Glarkin53/Wikimedia Commons . Just like summer fashions, summer destinations go in and out of style. Some glamorous US resorts that once hosted A-list celebrities and offered luxury amenities have since been sold, partially demolished, or abandoned altogether.

Love this site, I stumbled upon it sometime last year. I live in Connecticut, which is the site of some interesting abandoned places. Fairfield Hills, the former mental hospital, comes to mind with its barred windows and blocked underground tunnels.

Producers Dan Bell, Will Krupinsky and Rick Serra pull back the sheets, lift up the mattresses and turn over the nightstands to uncover the madness in some of the lowest-rated hotels and motels in ...

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More resorts in the United States are adding all-inclusive plans and improving their offerings when it comes to food and amenities. Here are 10 of the best.

If you’re visiting New York City for concrete canyons and neon lights, Manhattan is the place to be. But if you want the hippest shops and restaurants and the feel of a real neighborhood, get thee across the river to Brooklyn.

If you’re RVing, or just trying to save money, Wal-Mart will become your best friend (whether you like it or not). And if you like to buy those pre-made rotisserie chickens, you can get them for less than half price if you know how to work the system. Here’s the deal: Wal-Mart has a policy requiring each store to throw out every cooked chicken (fried chicken included) that is four-hours old.

In October of 1859 the editor of the Allentown Democrat, the city’s first commercially successful English language newspaper, decided to feature a letter from a former resident who had recently ...

The Leggett's Gap Railroad was incorporated on April 7, 1832, but stayed dormant for many years. It was chartered on March 14, 1849, and organized January 2, 1850. On April 14, 1851, its name was changed to the Lackawanna and Western Railroad.The line, running north from Scranton, Pennsylvania, to Great Bend, just south of the New York state line, opened on December 20, 1851.

Offering four floors of interactive exhibits and educational workshops, Amazement Square is a museum dedicated to providing a place for people of all ages to learn about the world in a hands-on fashion. The exhibits cover everything from the arts and humanities to science and technology; visitors can paint on the walls, create a simulated rainstorm over the city, or learn about life on one of ...

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