Abandoned Hotels

abandoned hotels

abandoned hotels

Courtesy of Mike Boening via Flickr. Abandoned to the squatters, vandals, and urban adventurers of Detroit in the 1990s, the 15-story high-rise Lee Plaza Hotel is, on one hand, a monument to failure. However, given its classic art-deco architecture and imposing structure, it is also a monument to early 20th-century design, added to the United States National Register of Historic Places in 1981.

Owned by the Intercontinental Hotels chain, Liberia’s Ducor Palace Hotel was a beautiful five-star property in its heyday. It was one of the most luxurious accommodations in all of Africa.

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(CNN) — When it comes to ruined buildings, it's hard to match the poignancy of an abandoned luxury hotel. Once they were places where the wealthy came to play or the less fortunate came to ...

New Jersey - Small Abandoned Buildings. Back to New Jersey Main Page. 1661 - Abandoned/Demolished (3 Links Inside). Abandoned Bank and Shopping Center - Abandoned. Abandoned BOMARC - Abandoned. Abandoned Campground in Toms River NJ - Abandoned. Abandoned Fairfield Complex - Abandoned. Abandoned Farm Near Layton NJ - Tocks Island Dam Project Victim- Abandoned

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The abandoned Borscht Belt in New York's Catskills, a former Jewish vacationland, is home to the memories of a former destination for respite from city life.

Abandoned buildings might not be glamorous destinations, but they make for hauntingly beautiful photos. Here's what they look like on the inside.

Ten creepy hotels around the world that are abandoned — but still standing.

Abandoned motels, diners and gas stations are nostalgic symbols of Americana once popular on road trips, such as Buckhorn Mineral Baths and those on Route 66

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