Abandoned Love Hotel

abandoned love hotel

abandoned love hotel

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After a while abandoned love hotels became easier to find and now they are almost as common as abandoned schools and tourist hotels. Which means that I can publish the trashed / common ones during the year and save the special ones for this special time of the year. 🙂

1. The Fuurin Motel in Tokyo, Japan, was once used as a place for lovers to rendezvous. It was abandoned 17 years ago and locals are scared to go near the 'love hotel' because they think it is haunted by spirits.

Creepy corridor in Yui Grand Love Hotel . Although often kitsch in their heyday, the love hotels shown here would surely all sooner be restored to their former tawdriness than remain in the state of ruin to which many of them have been reduced.

Abandoned Love Motel . In the outskirts of Tokio you can find this amazing small Love Motel with extravagant rooms in different themes. It’s for couples in Japan who don’t have the privacy at home to get intimate. Rooms are rented per hour.

An abandoned love hotel on the outskirts of Tokyo. The popular aspects that are focused on in Japan have always been a deterrent for me on the topic of traveling there.

An abandoned and uniquely themed love hotel It has been suggested that love hotels are one of Japan’s more resilient businesses , but even they sometimes succumb to hard times. And in many of the areas liberally dotted with them, the competition must be intense; each one attempting to outdo the other with novel interiors or technology.

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