Abandoned Pines Hotel

abandoned pines hotel

abandoned pines hotel

The Pines Hotel History. Built in 1933, this ski resort was once a popular resort in the Catskill region of New York. Many buildings have been added on as the facility expanded over the years, and the hotel boasted an ice skating rink, fully equipped theater, golf course, baseball field, conference center, and both indoor and outdoor pools.

The Pines is an abandoned Borscht Belt resort that began in the 1930s as a small mission style hotel called Moneka Lodge. The Borscht Belt, refers to a region of the Catskill Mountains that contained many Jewish resort hotels once popular with New York City Jews in the middle of the last century.

The Hotel Pines, the city of Pine Bluff, and all of its people remain patiently optimistic and unperturbed, however. After all, one-hundred years ago the Hotel Pines was built on the wrong side of the tracks in what would become a highly successful bid to turn that portion of the city around to become the right side of the tracks.

On our latest trip, we ventured off to check out The Pines resort in Catskills, New York! Although it was a bit destroyed, it was still a nice trip to scratch another place off our list.

Abandoned Pines Resort Hotel of the Borscht Belt Decaying in Fallsburg. The Pines Resort Hotel and Golf Course of the Borscht Belt is on 167 Laurel Avenue, in the hamlet of South Fallsburg, Sullivan County, the Catskill Mountains, New York.

I took a four hour drive upstate to meet with Drie, then another two up to the Adirondacks to see the Pines. On the way up, we saw many derelict structures and ski resorts, left alone by the decreasing amount of tourists.

The new owners, however, were far from what the hotel’s opponents had hoped for, or expected. In 1919 the new owners of the White Pines buildings sold 750 acres and a lake for $85,000 to Two Local Unions.

"Abandoned The Pines Golf & Ski Resort (Opened in 1933, closed in 1998 and virtually abandoned with very little maintenance since then, the once prestigious The Pines Golf and Ski Resort in South Fallsburg, New York was one of the more famous Catskill mountain “Borscht Belt” resorts.

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