Abandoned Underwater Hotel

abandoned underwater hotel

abandoned underwater hotel

Luxury underwater hotel built in abandoned quarry with guest rooms facing 10-metre deep aquarium. The swanky five-star hotel is due to open next years after winning awards for its futuristic design.

The concept renderings for this wildly unusual hotel design in an abandoned Chinese quarry debuted on the internet over a decade ago, and now the finished complex is welcoming guests. The InterContinental Shimao Wonderland is the “world’s first underwater quarry hotel” set into the cliff faces ...

Located in an abandoned quarry in Songjiang, about 30 miles from the city center, the 337 room hotel features panoramic views and several floors that are submerged underwater. After years of delays, design and engineering modifications allowed construction to go ahead on this one of a kind hotel.

Inside the world's first 'underground' hotel built in an abandoned quarry. InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland (also known as the Deep Pit Hotel), will finally open its doors in October. ... Two underwater levels will house a restaurant and guest rooms facing a ten-metre-deep aquarium. A leisure complex with a swimming pool and water-based ...

Since it’s built inside an abandoned quarry in southwestern Shanghai, 16 floors of the InterContinental Shimao Wonderland that opened in November 2018 are technically located underground. But two floors are also located underwater, with views of the hotel’s aquarium.

From Florida to Shanghai, and everywhere in between, underwater hotels are making waves. ... This current construction project is a $555 million investment into upgrading an abandoned quarry. The ...

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