Alaskian Igloo Hotel

alaskian igloo hotel

alaskian igloo hotel

Alaska’s Abandoned Igloo City Hotel 12 January 2013 Even in the chilly Alaskan heartland, this isn’t quite what you expect. A giant igloo. Situated on the George Parks Highway, 180 miles out of Anchorage on the route towards Fairbanks, Igloo City as it is known stands out like the proverbial sore thumb. ... Labels: Abandoned , Alaska ...

Alaska’s abandoned igloo hotel, also known as Igloo City, is located right off the George Parks Highway roughly 22 miles south of Cantwell and 200 miles north of Anchorage.

Eerie Photos of Abandoned Alaskan Igloo Hotel. By Simone M. Scully ... Alaska, Igloo City is an igloo-shaped hotel that has been left to the elements for over 40 years. The odd four-story concrete ...

The saddest hotel in America? One man's dream of an igloo-shaped motel in rural Alaska built in the 1960s is now a derelict curiosity - and it's back on the market

Let's be clear, the igloo is in no livable condition. Intended as a hotel in the 1970s, the 80-foot-tall structure was abandoned and never finished.

Igloo Hotel in Alaska The old population in the north of Alaska and Canada, the Inuits, had a very unusual, yet very effective way of building their homes: they used the material that was abundant in the area: snow.

Alyeska Resort, Alaska, USA. One of the state’s top-rated hotels, ... Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, Norway. Carved entirely out of ice, ... 31 thoughts on “The World’s Top Hotels for Viewing Northern Lights” ...

Apart from its 80 beds the Alta Igloo Hotel houses suites, an ice gallery, an ice bar, an ice chapel and several lounges. Sculpture work also is present here -- hulking ice sculptures that appear as stone until you touch them and they melt in your hand. ... Aurora Ice Museum - Alaska. In this hotel, everything is made of ice: the beds, the ...

Igloo City. While traveling to Alaska by motorcycle we couldn't help but stop at this landmark located right on the George Parks Highway. We found out from locals that the "Hotel" has been built for many years, perhaps in the 70's, and has never been open because of not meeting building codes.

The Igloo Village of Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland boasts 20 thermal glass igloos that allow visitors to enjoy incredible views of the Aurora Borealis from the warmth and comfort of their own hut.

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