Alvaro Obregon Sonora Mexico

alvaro obregon sonora mexico

alvaro obregon sonora mexico

Álvaro Obregón Salido (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈalβaɾo oβɾeˈɣon]; February 19, 1880 – July 17, 1928) was a general in the Mexican Revolution, who became President of Mexico from 1920 to 1924. He supported Sonora's decision to follow Governor of Coahuila Venustiano Carranza as leader of a revolution against the Huerta regime. Carranza appointed Obregón commander of the revolutionary ...

Location of Ciudad Obregon in Mexico. Ciudad Obregón (Spanish pronunciation: [sjuˈðað oβɾeˈɣon]) is the second largest city in the northern Mexican state of Sonora and named for Sonoran revolutionary general and president of Mexico, Álvaro Obregón. It is situated 525 km (326 mi) south of the state's northern border with the U.S. state of Arizona.

Álvaro Obregón, (born Feb. 19, 1880, Alamos, Mex.—died July 17, 1928, Mexico City), soldier, statesman, and reformer who, as president, restored order to Mexico after a decade of political upheavals and civil war that followed the revolution of 1910. Read More on This Topic. Mexico: The northern dynasty: Obregón and Calles.

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Álvaro Obregón Extended Forecast with high and low temperatures °F. Last 2 weeks of weather. See weather overview. 2 Week Extended Forecast in Álvaro Obregón, Sonora, Mexico. Scroll right to see more Conditions Comfort Precipitation Sun; Day Temperature Weather Feels Like Wind Humidity Chance Amount UV Sunrise Sunset; Fri Jan 18: 85 / 57 °F:

· Located in Caborca, Sonora, Mexico. Photo contributed by Jorge Carlos. Reviews. Milo Mccowan reviewed Álvaro Obregón — 5 star. December 17, 2016 · Las mejores personas del mundo viven en Álvaro Obregón. Tenemos muchos, muchos amigos allí. Luis Antony FLemix Soria reviewed Álvaro Obregón — 5 star.

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Updated August 18, 2017. Alvaro Obregón Salido (1880-1928) was a Mexican farmer, warlord, and general. He was one of the key players in the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920). His election as President in 1920 is considered by many as the ending point of the Revolution, although the violence continued afterward.

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Alvaro Obregon was born near Alamos, in the Mexican state of Sonora, to a family of poor farmers (one story is that his grandfather was an Irish immigrant railroad worker named O'Brien, which would account for Obregon's pale complexion and reddish hair, traits uncommon in Mexicans; supposedly, his father "Mexicanized" the family name to Obregon).

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