Antarctica Ice Hotel

antarctica ice hotel

antarctica ice hotel

An ice hotel is a temporary hotel made up of snow and sculpted blocks of ice. Ice hotels, dependent on sub-freezing temperatures, are constructed from ice and snow and typically have to be rebuilt every year. Ice hotels exist in several countries, and they have varying construction styles, services and amenities, the latter of which may include ice bars, restaurants, chapels, saunas and hot tubs.

White Desert is the only company in the world to fly into the interior of Antarctica in a private jet. We offer an experience that is as luxurious as it is adventurous.

Antarctica Travel and Cruise Guide - Find a trip to the Antarctic, where and when to go, what you will see, how much it will cost.

Overview. They may seem remote and inhospitable to many, but the Earth’s frigid polar regions – whether above the Arctic Circle close to the North Pole, or on the ice-clad Antarctic Archipelago – possess a beauty all their own in snow-covered cliffs, massive floes of glistening ice, and calving glaciers.

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Massive, magnificent, and unforgiving, Antarctica is a continent of superlatives that will leave your mind searching for words to describe it. Each day presents a new discovery, whether you’re cruising through ice-choked waterways, trekking through chattering ...

Eddie Gonzales Jr. – – Scientists investigating climate change on Antarctica’s McMurdo Ice Shelf have discovered a peculiar phenomenon that can shed new light on what’s causing the breakup of large ice shelves. Seismometers have recorded hundreds of thousands of tiny ‘ice quakes’ that occur at night. It seems these mysterious ice quakes are caused by pools of ...

Antarctica's beauty, mystique and wildlife have long lured explorers and adventurers. Join us on a remarkable sailing voyage from the southernmost tip of the Americas to the frozen domain of the seventh continent, venturing from secluded bays dotted with icebergs to land masses dominated by massive glaciers.

Explore the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula, a beautiful island chain filled with an impressive variety of wildlife. Cruise aboard the perfect vessel for exploration—ice-strengthened and agile, with comfortable cabins and the ability to navigate narrow channels and bays closed to larger ships.

Join A&K's renowned Expedition Team on luxurious 'Le Lyrial' for an unforgettable voyage to the White Continent, which you explore for five days during the best of the Antarctic spring and summer seasons. Arrange your Antarctica Cruise by contacting an A&K Travel Consultant, or speak to your Travel Professional today.

After some research, we settled on a trip run by Oceanwide Expeditions, which offered small-boat trips from Ushuaia, Argentina to Antarctica. Our ship, the Ortelius, was an ice-strengthened vessel ...

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