Atlantis Dubai Underwater Hotel Suites

atlantis dubai underwater hotel suites

atlantis dubai underwater hotel suites

Stay in your very own Atlantis Underwater Suite for the most intimate & romantic holiday in Dubai. Book the Atlantis Underwater Suites for the most intimate and romantic holiday. Stay in your very own underwater hotel room. ...

At the twin Neptune and Poseidon Underwater Suites at Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai, floor-to-ceiling windows provide guests panoramic views of The ... The Skinny: Nothing at this lavish hotel (or ...

It features indoor aquariums, underwater hotel suites and so much more. The award-winning Atlantis The Palm is set on the crescent of Palm Island, and offers 5-star luxury, including over a kilometre of private beaches and 2 outdoor pools with impressive views of Dubai's cityscape.

Dubai Underwater Hotel. Atlantis, The Palm, is not just the leading Dubai hotel but it offers amazing underwater suites. Set in The Palm Jumeirah archipelago, Atlantis offers an incomparable underwater living experience via its executive suites.

Which is precisely why the rich and famous are shelling out just under £5,500 ($8,200) a night to stay in the luxury underwater suites at the Atlantis, The Palm hotel in Dubai.

Choose from the assortment of luxurious rooms and suites at the most renown hotel on the palm. At Atlantis you’ll find all kinds of rooms ranging from the more economic guest rooms, to club suites and the more exclusive signature suites featuring the underwater suites and the royal bridge suite.

Dinesh Raj, the hotel’s head butler, said Atlantis, The Palm has been able to accommodate a number of unusual requests from guests who have stayed in the underwater suites.

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