Ballroom Abandoned Hotel

ballroom abandoned hotel

ballroom abandoned hotel

hotel ballroom. photo taken in the abandoned Lee Plaza Hotel---Detroit, Michigan. ... "abandoned hotel somewhere in belgium urbex trip with --- Nikon Nikkor at HDR with the lounge" "after a long timeout, my first trip to Beelitz this year Olympus Pano out of 17 HDRs taken with each trip down memory lane"

The Fallside Hotel in Niagara Falls may have been a relatively modern building with a ballroom, pool, and conference center, but when it was abandoned it went downhill quickly.

Abandoned Hotel with a beautiful Ballroom in Germany The Fürstenhof is an abandoned hotel in a small town in Germany. The first parts of the building were already built in the 1800s.

The Ghost Palace Hotel, abandoned more than 10 years ago, has become a compulsory stop for some travellers in Bali ... A massive ballroom at the Ghost Palace Hotel that was constructed in the ...

Forgotten: An old wheelchair sits in the ballroom in the abandoned Royal York Hotel on the Isle of Wight. The hotel closed its doors for the final time in 2006. Dirty: Plates, some of them still ...

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Abandoned Ballroom, Berlin The Grünau Riviera is a historic ballroom and leisure complex that was built in 1888 and left for nature to reclaim it since 1991. Deep red curtains still drape from the ceiling and a solitary piano stands in the centre of the room.

Abandoned Ballrooms (Images: Greg Neate, cc-3.0; Andrew Borgen, cc-nd-3.0) Ballrooms, especially pier ballrooms, are symbols of a bygone era. While some remain intact or repurposed, many have either been demolished or stand neglected.

102 Likes, 1 Comments - Reginald Van de Velde (@suspiciousminds) on Instagram: “I'm afraid the masquerade is over. View inside the ballroom of an abandoned hotel #urbex…”

We are thrilled to announce that Dynamo's sold out and critically acclaimed Abandoned Room show entitled Times Are Gone For Honest Men will be returning to The Mandrake Hotel before embarking on a limited tour. The Abandoned Room is an intimate, unique and immersive theatre space, developed and curated by world-renowned magician Dynamo.

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