Cambodia Abandoned Bokor Palace Hotel

cambodia abandoned bokor palace hotel

cambodia abandoned bokor palace hotel

Bokor Hill Station – An Abandoned Colonial Hotel In Cambodia. In it’s hey-day, there was a hotel, casino and church on top of Bokor Hill, that thrived on the exuberance of the wealthy. However, when the Khmer Rouge took over, they completely decimated the place, and it’s true to say the place is a ghost town.

Bokor Hill was abandoned first by the French in late 1940s, during the First Indochina War, because of local insurrections guided by the Khmer Issarak. It was only in 1962, for the reopening of the "Cité du Bokor", that a casino was established in the new hotels near the lake, (Hotels Sangkum and Kiri).

The abandoned resort of Bokor mountain, Cambodia. Bokor Hill Station is an abandoned French town built in 1922 on Bokor Mountain, just outside the town of Kampot, southern Cambodia. mark M. who visited the area was kind enough to send us some pictures. the buildings look absolutely eerie and beautiful.

Remnants of Bokor Palace Hotel, Bokor Hill, Cambodia Photo Credit We have another story on abandoned places: Five of the world’s creepiest abandoned mansions In 2012, the Thansur Bokor Highland resort was opened.

Bokor Hill Station – Cambodia’s Abandoned Town. Even its birth was savage. Designed as a resort for the French colonists of the early twentieth century, the construction of Bokor Hill Station was complete by 1925. Built by indentured Cambodian laborers it took nine months to build. Almost a thousand men perished during that time.

Bokor Hill Station In Cambodia's Fascinating Dark Past. Bokor found itself abandoned by the rich for a second time. As Pol Pot’s regime strengthened, in 1975 the Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia, leading to an estimated two million people being killed or dying of starvation and exhaustion.

During the first Indochina War, the Bokor hotel became a hospital, but it was later abandoned after being set on fire by an armed gang named the Black Dragon. King Norodom Sihanouk officially reopened Bokor Palace 50 years ago, in January of 1962, and added a casino.

Bokor Hill Station (in Khmer: កស្ថានីយភ្នំបូកគោ Kosthany Phnom Bokor) refers to a collection of French colonial buildings (hotel & casino, church, royal residence etc. ), constructed as a temperate mountain luxury resort and retreat for colonial residents in the early 1920s atop Bokor Mountain in Preah Monivong National Park, about 37 km (23 mi) west of Kampot in southern Cambodia.

Le Bokor Palace is the main building of the Bokor hill station in Cambodia’s Kampot province. The location choice at 1000up meters altitude to provide the settlers tired of the hot weather in Cambodia, especially during the dry season and avoiding repatriation to the metropolis.

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