Chelsea Hotel Marylin

chelsea hotel marylin

chelsea hotel marylin

The famous hotel is currently closed for renovations. Madonna lived in the Chelsea Hotel in the early 1980s, and Leonard Cohen and Janis Joplin had an affair there in 1968. Bette Midler, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison are also among the list of famous inhabitants. Several survivors of the Titanic even stayed at the hotel.

When playwright Arthur Miller visited the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas at New York’s Chelsea Hotel in October 1953, he found a dissolute and spoiled figure, intent on self-destruction.

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That decade would prove pivotal in the history of the Chelsea Hotel; in 1957, hotelier David Bard’s son, Stanley, began working at the hotel, and he took over the Chelsea’s management in 1964.

Left, the façade of the Chelsea Hotel, which was built in 1873. Right, residents Patti Smith and Viva (an Andy Warhol superstar), on one of the hotel balconies in 1971.

The Chelsea Hotel is unlike any other in New York. It's split between rental apartments, and tiny hotel rooms where people could stay for a night. Ed Hamilton, author of Legends of the Chelsea Hotel, has lived there for 16 years. The first apartment he had cost him $500 a month.

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