Chelsea Hotel Warhol

chelsea hotel warhol

chelsea hotel warhol

Warhol was referring to both the visual concept of the film, as well as the content of the scenes presented. The film was shot in the summer and early autumn of 1966 in various rooms and locations inside the Hotel Chelsea, though contrary to the film's title, only poet René Ricard actually lived there at the time.

The Hotel Chelsea – also called the Chelsea Hotel, or simply the Chelsea – is a historic New York City hotel and landmark built between 1883 and 1885, known primarily for the notability of its residents over the years.

The Hotel Chelsea, which is known as the Chelsea Hotel and the Chelsea, opened in 1885 at 222 W. 23rd St. and was home to numerous actors, writers, artists and musicians over the years, including ...

The hotel in Manhattan, often referred to as the Hotel Chelsea, was built between 1883 and 1885 and was known to have inspired the work of prominent writers, musicians and actors.

Chelsea Hotel Doors from the Rooms of Andy Warhol, Bob Marley, and More Will Go on Auction ... Georgiou did formerly live at the Chelsea Hotel with his dog, and has therefore requested that part ...

For years the hotel had been a personal safe haven for Rock 'N' Roll legends that lived on the edge. A resting spot for the sleepless — rockstars, legends, icons — the Chelsea was where legends laid their head after the party ended and the screams stopped.

Andy Warhol, Jimi Hendrix, and Jackson Pollock’s doors from the Chelsea Hotel are being sold at auction. Photo courtesy of Guernsey’s.

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