Cherry Creek Ghost Town

cherry creek ghost town

cherry creek ghost town

In 1873, Cherry Creek included a livery stable, a blacksmith shop, a large hotel, several boarding houses, restaurants, and more than twenty saloons. Cherry Creek continued to grow in 1873. Wells Fargo opened a station in Cherry Creek, and the Cherry Creek post office also opened for business in 1873.

At its peak in 1882, Cherry Creek had a transient population of 6,000 and about 1800 permanent residents. The town had an amazing 28 saloons. There were a wide variety of mercantile stores and a stage to Toano in Elko County was created.

Gold and silver were mined in and around Cherry Creek in the 1870s and 1880s. Travel back in time as we take a look at this historic mining district. The Pony Express riders traveled thru this ...

Cherry Creek Nevada Townsite - Ghost town. Set up against the mountains this is a nifty site to visit. Check out the freezer they use for parcel post. In the early 1860s, the area around Cherry Creek was discovered to have substantial mineral deposits of gold and silver.

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Cherry Creek is definitely one of the best ghost towns in Nevada. Many buildings remain, including the school, several old saloons, and a couple of falsefronts. Until recently, the old Nevada Northern Railway station was located just east of town.

Imagine when the creek running alongside the little town of Cherry was lined with wild cherry trees. It must have been a beautiful sight. More than a hundred years have passed since that time, and desert trees have long since replaced those cherry trees that gave this little town its name.

SOME GHOST TOWNS ARE APTLY NAMED. ã Jerry Bowen, 1999. Is Cherry Creek a ghost town or a “near” ghost town? I guess it depends on each individual’s definition or imagination. Walt Campbell, a current resident of Cherry Creek provided me with a story that tweaked my fancy.

Here are some of the most interesting ghost towns in New Jersey. 1. Waterloo Village, Byram Township. Wikimedia/WallyFromColumbia. ... Some are easily visible while others are hidden below the surface of the creek. 9. Pleasant Mills, Mullica Township. Wikimedia/Smallbones.

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