Cherry Creek Whitewater

cherry creek whitewater

cherry creek whitewater

Cherry Creek is the most challenging commercial river rafting trip in California, and perhaps the entire United States. With a phenomenal twelve Class V rapids and many unnamed Class IV drops, this 9-mile run is incomparable.

Bird’s Eye View. Ah Cherry Creek, some of the most sublime and thrilling whitewater in the nation, let alone California. Its class V rapids provide a serious challenge and ultimate adventure to both expert kayakers and seasoned boaters.

Home > California Rivers > Cherry Creek > Whitewater & Scenery Whitewater & Scenery A run on the Creek is a mad dash down angled hydraulics and through a blur of what seems like almost constant rock gardens.

Cherry Creek Rafting is the ultimate! Welcome to Class V Cherry Creek rafting, the ultimate whitewater challenge! Sierra Mac pioneered commercial Class V rafting trips on this stretch of river in the 70’s and 80’s, and we are excited to share these thrilling adventures with our guests.

Located just outside Yosemite National Park, the Class V Cherry Creek is the most challenging and exciting commercially run river in California.

Typically people run Cherry Creek in mid-summer when the snowmelt is done and the dam-controlled flows are solidly around 1,000 cfs. Cherry Creek is the yardstick Whitewater Guidebook

Whitewater Rafting on California's Cherry Creek. Cherry Creek is an experts only run rated Class V+. With an overall gradient of 110 feet per mile and a "Miracle Mile" dropping at over 200 feet per mile, Cherry Creek is possibly the most challenging whitewater rafting run in the nation.

Cherry Creek (the Upper Tuolumne River) is located near Groveland, 30 minutes outside of the northern entrance to Yosemite National Park. Go Rafting with A Commercial Outfitter on Cherry Creek All-Outdoors California Whitewater Rafting is one of the original California outfitters.

This creek takes you through a granite gorge in the High Sierras. Take Out: This run is an hour from Tuolumne City. From Tuolomne City take FS14 towards Cherry Lake where the takeout is.

Cherry Creek may be the most popular class 5 whitewater in California because it receives dependable flows from Holm Powerhouse most of the summer and sometimes in the fall and winter. Many people boat this reach week after week through the summer, learning every facet of every rapid.

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