Columbia Gorge Hotel Haunted

columbia gorge hotel haunted

columbia gorge hotel haunted

Columbia Gorge Hotel - Hood River OR Haunted Place. A man wearing a frock coat and top hat has been seen, along with a lady in white who reportedly jumped off a hotel balcony. A woman ghost also haunts Room 330, and a child ghost lingers on the ground floor where a pool used to be.

Columbia Gorge Hotel. Hotel rooms are barricaded by furniture from the inside of the hotel rooms when no one is inside. Apparitions reported at the hotel include a man in a top hat and frock coat, a lady in white who jumped off a hotel balcony, the ghost of a woman in Room 330 and a child who haunts the ground floor where a pool used to be.

Haunted fun. After a long tiring day of waterfall watching traveling the historic highway along the Columbia River, the lights of the Gorge Hotel were a welcome oasis. Check in was fast and easy and even included a ride in the 1920's vintage elevator with our personal operator. Treated to a lovely window view out our river side room...

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Columbia Gorge Hotel – Ghost hunting location – Guest of this haunted hotel have claimed to get a random smell of cigar smoke, which has been attributed to a ghost of a resident who died on the

An alternative to Columbia River Gorge Hotels, the Mosier House Bed and Breakfast ..... Chanticleer Room at The View Point Inn along the Historic Columbia Gorge Scenic Highway. .... Ronnie, Dave's wife & host, says the place is haunted .

Perched atop the majestic cliffs of the Columbia River, The Columbia Gorge Hotel has 40 guest accommodations with private bath. Facilities include our award-winning Simon's Restaurant, the Valentino Lounge, an outdoor terrace for dining or drinks, and meeting space to accommodate up to 225 guests.

The Columbia River Gorge. Mt Pleasant Grange Hall Visitors have seen and felt the spirits of earlier pioneers around the Grange Hall. Mt. Pleasant School House Now a private residence, the old schoolhouse has a ghost that usually appears as a pair of disembodied eyes on holidays.

The Columbia Gorge Hotel is a historic landmark in the Columbia River Gorge. Lodging, restaurant and lounge facilities. Book a reservation to stay in the same hotel that hosted both presidents and Hollywood royalty in the 1920s.

Columbia Gorge Hotel Hood River, Oregon The smell of cigar smoke is attributed to one of the retirement residents who died here long ago, but has till been reported by various guests.

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