Coolest Underwater Hotels

coolest underwater hotels

coolest underwater hotels

11 Coolest Underwater Hotels in the World. 11 Photos. ... The Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel, ... The Best Airbnbs in Los Angeles.

Sleeping with the fishes: the world’s best underwater hotels Fan of unusual hotels? Well, staying in a room with an under-the-sea view is no longer a sci-fi dream; get your snorkel gear on and take a peek at these crazy underwater hotels, from Dubai to the Maldives.

Today (September 14, 2015): Top 10 most spectacular underwater hotels in the world. Underwater resorts are still largely a product of a vivid imagination. Some hotels are in the planning stage, some are currently under construction, but a few hotels already offer the possibility to spend a holiday with the fishes.

Here are the 13 best underwater hotels on the planet. Lovers Deep, St. Lucia Billed as the premier entry into the mile low club, Lovers Deep is the luxury leisure submarine for lovers who like it deep.

Here are the world's coolest underwater hotels so far. 1 / Atlantis The Palm in Dubai. Courtesy of Atlantis, The Palm

The 10 Coolest Underwater Hotels in the World As technology continues to change the ways in which we lead our lives, so too does technology afford hotels and resorts the opportunity to provide one-of-a-kind experiences to their guests.

However, this isn’t the first underwater endeavor for the hotel. The resort made waves when it opened the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant 13 years ago, which is considered to be the first of its kind. ... >> Next: Some of the World’s Best New Dive Spots Are Under Oil Rigs .

The best place to dine at this resort is the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, which is 16 feet below sea level and the only undersea restaurant that is all glass, giving you 180-degree panoramic views of the underwater world.

The granddaddy of underwater hotels, Jules’ Undersea Lodge–a former marine lab that opened as an inn in 1986—has an unusually high bar to entry. All guests desirous of spending the night ...

From luxurious to rugged, these coolest hotels in the world offer some of the greatest travel experiences on the planet. If you’ve ever dreamed of sleeping in a Medieval castle in Europe, beneath the Northern Lights, in a luxury tree house, or even an underwater hotel in the ocean, you can actually do any of those things!

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