Creepiest Haunted Hotel

creepiest haunted hotel

creepiest haunted hotel

The Bell Inn, Norfolk, England. The last but definitely not the list on this list of creepiest and most haunted hotels in the world is The Bell Inn Hotel in Norfolk. It is also known to be a hive of paranormal activity. This 46-room establishment has been a home away from home for many since it was established some 600 years ago.

Elvey Farm. Pluckley, England Pluckley is the “most haunted village in England”, at least according to the Guinness World Records. Elvey Farm, a dairy farm built in 1406 and turned B&B in the 80s, sits at the center of all things supernatural in Pluckley; ergo, it must be the most haunted hotel in England. Robert Du Bois,...

9 Scariest Haunted Hotels Around the World. The Langham, London In Room 333 at the Langham, there’s apparently a man who likes to hang out in his Victorian eveningwear (though only during the month of October). Other ghost sightings at this famous hotel include a man dressed in military garb, a German prince, and former frequent guest Napoleon III, who is said to haunt the basement.

Not actually a hotel, The Haunted Hotel is one of America’s most intense and graphic Halloween haunted houses. The venue has been rated as the #2 haunted house in the United States, and is located in the heart of San Diego’s Gaslamp District. Up to 24,000 people enter the attraction each year. Very, very few make it through to the end.

Rounding out the bottom of the Top 10 Scariest Haunted Hotels in America is this high end hotel. There is a long history of paranormal activity here. From unexplainable noises in the ballroom and hallways to appliances suddenly turning themselves on and off this place is a must see for ghost hunters.

The 13 most haunted hotels in the world. You ain't afraid of no ghost? See if you can keep from getting spooked as counts down the 13 most haunted hotels in the world.

Today, visitors to the town where The Eden is located can attend a nighttime “ghost tour” of the hotel, which is available 2-3 times a month. El Hotel Mesón de Jobito, Zacatecas. El Hotel Mesón de Jobito, located in Mexico, is said to be one of the most haunted hotels in Zacatecas.

23 Of The Most Haunted Hotels In The World To Book This Fall... If You Dare. The Langham Hotel in London is reportedly home to a number of ghosts, including a doctor who murdered his wife and then committed suicide, a man with a deep wound on his face, a former butler who wanders the hallways and Napoleon III.

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When the Staab House was converted into a hotel, Julia’s former bedroom became Room 256, and it is rumored to be haunted by her ghost. The first known sighting occurred in 1979, when an employee cleaning Room 256 saw a vision of a well-dressed woman resembling Julia Staab before she abruptly disappeared.

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