Creepy Abandoned Hotels

creepy abandoned hotels

creepy abandoned hotels

Whether you're in the market for an abandoned mansion or just fascinated by the occasionally creepy stories they can tell, you've come to the right place. Gary Lawrance, who runs the popular ...

Founded in the early 1900s by German settlers looking for precious gems, the town of Kolmanskop in the Namib Desert has been left to the elements after being abandoned in the 1950s. Buildings in ...

Heritage USA Fort Mill, SC (1978-1989) Heritage USA is located in Fort Mill, SC. It's about 2 miles down the street from Paramount's Carowinds.

Well Indiana is know for not 1 but 2 of those types of places. The first house is in Gary Indiana, it's the house that was bought by the guy from Ghost Adventures for his new demon documentary.. You can check out that post here >>>> GARY INDIANA HAUNTED HOME Not much is actually KNOWN about this house but what is known that the house was build in the late 1800's, the house has suffered a few ...

Sanur has a spooky ‘ghost town’ on Padanggalak Beach, a remote coast far away from the main Sanur hub. It is the vast ruins of derelict theme park Taman Festival Bali, which closed down shortly after its establishment in 1997 due to marketing and financial difficulties, before being handed over to the local government.

Get ready for some rotting, decaying, dilapidated structures that scream safety concerns. Yes, we have 63 photos of abandoned buildings from all over the world, that we are pretty darn sure are haunted.

Fans of offbeat travel must see these spots of empty, eerie desolation scattered across the country. Some are structures built for atomic blasts, taken down by conflict, or abandoned after economic disaster going back to the Gold Rush and Civil War, and they are often free to the visitors brave enough to stop by.

In its heyday, the Club Maeva Tulum (formerly Robinsons Club Tulum) was an idyllic getaway in paradise; a long sweep of white sandy beach on one end, lush pristine jungle on the other.The numerous online reviews and forum discussions from regular frequenters of the resort capture a vivid picture of day in the life at Club Maeva Tulum – hours lounging beside the expansive pool, turtle ...

Book Your Haunted Experience… Experience a night in a haunted hotel or join us on a ghost hunt! Choose from hundreds of the most haunted hotels and creepy ghost hunts in the USA!

In the middle of Bay Lake, deep within the heart of the Walt Disney World property, lies Discovery Island. It is a former wildlife attraction/sanctuary that was closed in 1999 and has been left to run wild since.

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