Creepy Hotel Bathroom

creepy hotel bathroom

creepy hotel bathroom

Daphne and Les, who live in Salfords, Surrey, were staying at a Victorian hotel in Bath, England. Bath, best known for its natural hot springs , has attracted visitors for centuries as far back as the ancient Romans around 50 AD.

13.2 miles from Bath, UK-A4 The two most well-known ghosts are that of Amelia (who died during childbirth) and is known for making the chandelier swing around, and that of a man who sits alone in the dining room appearing and disappearing spontaneously.

Creepy trend watch: Why do hotel bathrooms have MASSIVE windows? We recently noticed a very strange hotel bathroom based trend while on holiday

Panama Hotel: Creepy Hotel with no elevator, no air conditioning, no bathroom in bedroom for $130/night - See 219 traveler reviews, 145 candid photos, and great deals for Panama Hotel at TripAdvisor. Creepy Hotel with no elevator, no air conditioning, no bathroom in bedroom for $130/night - Review of Panama Hotel, Seattle, WA - TripAdvisor

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The building is superrrr OLD with the mole smells through out the whole building. Although location is right downtown Seward, the hotel is very creepy with an old decors and some news paper articles hanging in the wall. Elevator also not working so we had to lifted our luggages. The bathroom is outside of the bedroom and its a shared bathroom.

Location: Bath - Francis Hotel Type: Haunting Manifestation Date / Time: Maid unknown, other experiences 03/04 January 2013 Further Comments: As the guide on the Bath tour bus will tell you, this hotel is haunted by a former housekeeper who, in a state of depression, hanged herself. Two guests at the hotel in 2013 spent a restless night after scratching and tapping from inside their room kept them awake, and a hot water bottle was swept off the table.

This story is about a ghost in my elementary school's bathroom stall! Marissa Rachel's Video: Marissa Rachel's Channel: https://...

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8 Hotels Unconsciously Aid Human Trafficking. Okay, so we all know some traveling businessmen and politicians like Dominique Strauss-Khan aren’t shy to gratify their darker desires by hiring prostitutes and allegedly abusing them in hotel rooms. In today’s world, sexual exploitation isn’t always about what’s going on in another room or country.

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