Creepy Hotel Bed

creepy hotel bed

creepy hotel bed

If you love history but want to kick it up a notch, you can always stay at a haunted B&B or hotel. From Texas to Florida to Massachusetts, a haunted place to stay for the night may just be a road trip away.

Spooky! The Most Haunted Hotel in Every State. ... Sage Hill Bed & Breakfast has a slightly creepy long-dead school superintendent overseeing the bed and breakfast that once was a schoolhouse. The ...

/ 10 Creepiest Haunted Hotels in California; 10 Creepiest Haunted Hotels in California. ... The Imperial is still open as a bed and breakfast today, and is thought to be haunted by a number of entities. ... Up to 24,000 people enter the attraction each year. Very, very few make it through to the end. The Haunted Hotel accepts only two guests at ...

For a truly spooky Halloween, book a stay at one of these haunted inns! ... Queen Anne Hotel San Francisco, California. ... Several accounts of ghost encounters have been reported at the Prospect Hill Bed and Breakfast. Haunted experiences have included strange scents, actual ghost sightings and cold air spots. ...

A Gothic Cabinet of Curiosities and Mysteries. A collection of gothic horror stories, urban legends, ghosts, haunted houses & other curiosities. Travel. Haunted Houses and Buildings; ... So here are my five favorite haunted inns, hotels and bed and breakfasts in Massachusetts. Note that the rankings aren’t based on number of reports of ghosts.

One of the most haunted hotels in New Jersey is Cape May’s Hotel Macomber. It is claimed that there are multiple spirits haunting the boutique hotel including a waitress in shabby clothing who haunts the dining room and kitchen.

Hotels in New Jersey That are Really Haunted. ... then spending an evening at one of New Jersey's Haunted Hotels is the perfect way to test your bravery. As many legends begin, it was a dark and stormy night when many of the Haunted Hotels across New Jersey gained their supernatural status, and many of these haunted hotels claim that visitors ...

Haunted Inns. Will you hide under the covers while spending a night in a haunted hotel? Spend a night in a haunted inn that are reputed to have ghostly residents that checked in, but never left. ... Allegiance Bed & Breakfast. Add to Trip. Batcheller Mansion Inn. Add to Trip. Belhurst Castle. Add to Trip.

Here is a list of ten of the most haunted historic hotels, inns, and bed and breakfasts in the state of Pennsylvania. menu search. Thank you! You will receive your first email soon. ... Here are some hotels in Pennsylvania that will offer up some superbly spooky ghostly activities. 1. The Buck Hotel & Tavern, Jonestown.

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