Creepy Hotel Lobby

creepy hotel lobby

creepy hotel lobby

Henry Yau, the public relations director for the Children’s Museum of Houston, was staying at The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colo. with his wife for a weekend getaway.

Stanley Hotel guest captures creepy figure in lobby HENRY Yau waited until the hotel lobby was empty before taking this photo. Later, he became “strangely ill” and realised what he’d captured.

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Creepy Lobby Highly detailed architectural model of residential building’s lobby with elevator access. It’s not model of entire building, just ground level lobby, but there are many angles to cover with your camera. Whole structure is created from several parts, so you can move or hide them if they obstruct your camera’s view.

The second floor, which was renovated and now used as a hotel, is said to be haunted by two ghosts, Rose, and Sam. Rose was a prostitute who can occasionally be heard crying. Sam was a housekeeper who lived on the second floor from the age of ten until his death in his room.

"My Haunted Hotel theme party for 2013 - Page 4" "Photo 6 of 11 from Starting my haunted hotel" "ideas on how to assemble the grandfather clock and fireplace." "#4 haunted hotel. starting to build the grandfatherclock and fireplace out of cardboard boxes"

Owned by the Intercontinental Hotels chain, Liberia’s Ducor Palace Hotel was a beautiful five-star property in its heyday. It was one of the most luxurious accommodations in all of Africa. Unfortunately, by the 1980s, Liberia was in a bad way, ravaged by civil war and political instability.

Hotels have frequently been the settings for some gruesome true stories. Here are 10 hotel-related events guaranteed to churn your stomach and astound you.

From the creepy hotel that inspired Stephen King’s The Shining to a former celeb ... you can still catch a glimpse of these noteworthy members in the lobby and dining area. Hotel Alex Johnson ...

Book a stay in one of the most haunted hotels in Los Angeles, CA! Read our rundown of who or what haunts these top 7 haunted hotels in The City of Angels! ... One of the most famous ghosts that people claim to see in the lobby of the Biltmore, as well as on the tenth and eleventh floors, is the ghost of Elizabeth Short, also known as the Black ...

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