Creepy Hotel Mario

creepy hotel mario

creepy hotel mario

I always thought this is great, and since Chinelin closed his youtube account, I decided to post two of his vid... This is a video created by the user Chinelin.

[Creepypasta] Hotel mario: the lost hotel. remixed by SuperDuperUltraTails scripts sprites. See inside Notes and Credits (added by SuperDuperUltraTails) None. Thanks to Mariojon for ... CreepyPasta Music and other random stuff:3 More projects by SuperDuperUltraTails.

I thought it was going to be a normal day... I was just dumping Hotel Mario's source for future uses, but I never expected... I'd find that... One of the files dumped was a level, the 13th Hotel, which had an unique cutscene.

Creepypasta of Hotel Mario! If you don't like creepy then you shouldn't watch this in night before you sleep. Too many black eyes etc :3 Song list:

There was a really creepy music in the background. The next scene was the place where Bowser was suposed to stay, but he was not there. Instead, his right hand was still over the rock, but bleeding.

This subreddit is a place for all the creepy, seemingly unintentional/out of place things that happen in video games. A home for ARG's, obscure games, creepypasta, personal stories relating to scary experiences, haunted games, myths, glitches, creepy easter eggs.

Hotel Mario is a puzzle game developed by Fantasy Factory and published by Philips Interactive Media and Nintendo for the Philips CD-i in 1994. The primary character of the game is Mario, who must find Princess Peach by going through seven Koopa Hotels in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Hotel Mario is very similar in gameplay to Looney Tunes Hotel, a game planned for the Atari 5200 but cancelled. It's unknown whether Hotel Mario's development team actually knew of this game.

MARIO is a Super Mario World ROM hack pasta by SMW Central user Adam. The hack patch can be downloaded here. ... What seemed like a normal castle intro was made especially creepy, given the fact that I had to dismount Yoshi. I felt for the first time that I was actually abandoning him, and I wish I had taken him with me. The inside room of the ...

Creepy Hotel Name Ideas; Comments ( 36 ) ... 3710426 Hotel Mario. THE THIRTEENTH HOTEL . I called a haunted hotel "Hotel cliche" in one of my stories. Very spooky indeed. ... Give a quiet nod to Stephen King's haunted hotel in The Shining and name it something similar to The Overlook or The Stanley.

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