Creepy Hotel Rooms

creepy hotel rooms

creepy hotel rooms

Hotels have frequently been the settings for some gruesome true stories. Here are 10 hotel-related events guaranteed to churn your stomach and astound you. 10 Sickening Synchronicity . Elisa Lam traveled from her home in Vancouver to check into the infamous Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles in early 2013.

Haunted hotel rooms that are out of your worst nightmare. ... Sounds like the recipe for a many haunted hotels stories — continuing on the trend of creepy hotel children, a ghost of a young girl ...

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At approximately 8:00 PM that evening, a housekeeper entered Ridings’s hotel room and was shocked to find the corporal’s half-nude body on the bed. Ridings had been beaten and mutilated with a broken whiskey bottle. Since only 46 cents were found in the room, which wouldn’t have covered Ridings’s hotel bill, robbery was the presumed motive.

One of the most haunted hotels in New Jersey is Cape May’s Hotel Macomber. It is claimed that there are multiple spirits haunting the boutique hotel including a waitress in shabby clothing who haunts the dining room and kitchen.

From hotels haunted by Aaron Burr’s ghost to the same room in which Stephen King wrote The Shining, many haunted hotels are brimming with tales and stories of the paranormal. Curious to find out which ones you can book a stay? Here are 25 Haunted Hotel Rooms You Can Actually Stay In.

This Is the Creepy Way Hotels Could Spy on You—and How to Prevent It Brooke Nelson Sep 22 The chances are slim that someone is peeping on you in your hotel room.

According to him, people staying at the hotel began calling in noise complaints to the front desk with reports of loud screaming coming from the 2nd floor--particularly room #209.

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