Creepy Hotel Suite

creepy hotel suite

creepy hotel suite

Book Your Haunted Experience… Experience a night in a haunted hotel or join us on a ghost hunt! Choose from hundreds of the most haunted hotels and creepy ghost hunts in the USA!

7 Hellish Hotel-ish Version Of Titanic. The Winecoff Hotel, famously referred to by its designers as “absolutely fireproof,” became a real-life towering inferno. The widely reported tragedy occurred in Atlanta in 1946, and 119 people lost their lives. The building had zero fire escapes, zero alarms or sprinklers,...

From hotels haunted by Aaron Burr’s ghost to the same room in which Stephen King wrote The Shining, many haunted hotels are brimming with tales and stories of the paranormal. Curious to find out which ones you can book a stay? Here are 25 Haunted Hotel Rooms You Can Actually Stay In.

9 Scariest Haunted Hotels Around the World. Chelsea Hotel, New York City Patti Smith, Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, and Madonna are among the many boldface names who called the Chelsea Hotel home. But there are two who are said to still haunt the halls. While the hotel has been closed since 2011 for renovations...

Rooms 3, 9 and 23 Airth Castle, Scotland (Image source There are multiple spirits in this hotel, but the most haunted rooms in the castle are said to be haunted by the ghosts of two children and their nanny who died in a fire.

The Adventure Suites is a stunning place to stay! It is perfectly located and is an experience on its own. The haunted hotel room was magical. There are so many so well thought out details in this incredible space. It’s captivating, surprising, creepy and such a fun place! The scary aspects are menacing and unpredictable, without being ...

Give a quiet nod to Stephen King's haunted hotel in The Shining and name it something similar to The Overlook or The Stanley. Maybe the Overhoof Hotel or the Stalneigh. Or if you aren't digging the horse puns, maybe the Underwatch Hotel.

The book was actually inspired by a real-life haunted hotel in northern Colorado. King bunked in room 217 of The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colo., and got the idea to pen what would become the classic horror novel.

Here's where you're most likely to spot a ghost at The Stanley Hotel. The hotel features 420 rooms plus ballrooms, dining areas, and an underground cave system (more on that, later!) The hotel’s most famous stunt, perhaps, was creeping out horror writer Stephen King -- so much so that he penned The Shining.

Stanley Hotel, Estes Park. The hotel offers nightly ghost tours, an on-site psychic, and TVs that play the Jack Nicholson thriller on a continuous loop. They've even installed a miniature tree maze in the front of the property as a nod to the film. Guests can stay in one of several reportedly haunted guest rooms.

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