Creepy Hotel

creepy hotel

creepy hotel

Hotels have frequently been the settings for some gruesome true stories. Here are 10 hotel-related events guaranteed to churn your stomach and astound you. 10 Sickening Synchronicity . Elisa Lam traveled from her home in Vancouver to check into the infamous Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles in early 2013.

Just about everyone has a creepy, scary, or horrifying hotel story, but if you ask the average hotel worker (night audit clerks, housekeeping staff, managers, etc.) you'll likely hear stories beyond your wildest imagination.

Today, I decided to explore the depths of the hotel I stayed in Sweden just to see if there was anything creepy going on. Turns out, there might be.

Owned by the Intercontinental Hotels chain, Liberia’s Ducor Palace Hotel was a beautiful five-star property in its heyday. It was one of the most luxurious accommodations in all of Africa. Unfortunately, by the 1980s, Liberia was in a bad way, ravaged by civil war and political instability.

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Give a quiet nod to Stephen King's haunted hotel in The Shining and name it something similar to The Overlook or The Stanley. Maybe the Overhoof Hotel or the Stalneigh. Or if you aren't digging the horse puns, maybe the Underwatch Hotel.

You where on a vacation when suddenly one night you woke up in a different hotel with dead people all around you and a killer!!!!! Can you make your way out of the creepy hotel? Will you ever see your family again? Try to find the hints. find out if you have the guts enough to complete the creepy hotel.

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