Disneyland Hotel Tower

disneyland hotel tower

disneyland hotel tower

We are staying at the Disneyland Hotel in 2 months. Even though I know it's not promised, what is the best tower to ask for a room in? Looking for a good view of maybe the Fireworks or something fun....or not a parking lot.

The Disneyland Hotel started a major renovation in 2009, beginning with the Dreams Tower. Renovation of the hotel included new windows, wallpaper, carpeting, and decor. The Dreams Tower, completed in 2010, became the Adventure Tower.

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The Disneyland Hotel (DLH) is located across Disneyland Drive from Disneyland and next to Downtown Disney. The hotel consists of three high-rise towers overlooking the extensive grounds. In addition to the dining, pool, shopping and recreation areas there is also a large convention facility.

The Disneyland Hotel: The Disneyland hotel is a great resort to visit. It is a little on the expensive side compared to other hotels in the area. Unlike the resorts at Walt Disney World I do not think that staying at this hotel gives you any extra privileges that are worth the high markup.

Stay in the Adventure, Fantasy or Frontier tower—each an homage to the park’s original lands—and delight in the sleek, ultra-modern design at every turn. ... Rooms at the Disneyland Hotel are both sophisticated and whimsical, paying loving tribute to the classic years of Disneyland Park. ... Discover the benefits of staying at a hotel of ...

The Disneyland hotel is a place to remember to go to if one would like a grandiose time. From the musical cues, the immaculate chandeliers in each portion of the grand ballroom, to the starry projections on the walls, this place definitely felt magical.

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Be surrounded in the spirit and wonder of Disneyland past and present. Stay in the Adventure Tower, Fantasy Tower, or Frontier Tower, each an homage in sight and sound to the park’s original lands, and delight in the hotel’s sleek, ultra-modern design that surrounds you at every turn.

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