Elizabeth Wilson Stanley Hotel

elizabeth wilson stanley hotel

elizabeth wilson stanley hotel

"I always say that Elizabeth Wilson had a blast at the Stanley Hotel," she quipped. The discovery of concrete evidence of the explosion lends more weight to the story of Room 217.

Elizabeth Wilson, or whoever entered Room 217, did not die that night, but like lightning striking the elevator at the Hollywood Tower Hotel, perhaps that event sparked some kind of opening to the dimension of the other side, a road leading directly into The Twilight Zone.

Elizabeth Wilson was the chief housekeeper at The Stanley Hotel in its very early days. On the evening of June 25, 1911, during a storm, she was involved in an explosion that took place as she was lighting the acetylene lanterns that were the back-up system for the hotel's electricity.

Stanley Hotel: A List Of The Most Haunted Rooms. Facebook 0. Twitter 0. Pinterest 0. LinkedIn 0. ... this room is also believed to be the place that former maid employee Elizabeth Wilson spends a lot of time in. Ms. Wilson once had a serious accident that occurred in this room in the early 1900’s. ... For more information on the Stanley Hotel ...

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In 1909 Stanley built the infamous Stanley Hotel, beginning a century of mysteries and eerie happenings. Just two years after the hotel opened, Ms. Elizabeth Wilson was tending the rooms when a thunderstorm rolled through the mountains of Estes Park, wiping out all of the power in the Stanley Hotel.

Elizabeth Wilson was one of the Stanley’s first maids. During the summer of 1911, she was in a serious accident that nearly killed her. While in the process of lighting acetylene lanterns in room 217, a gas leak occurred.

The resulting explosion blew the front of the Stanley Hotel off. Sections of room 217 were to be found on the FAR side of Estes Park on top of the facing mountain ridge. Elizabeth Wilson herself was driven right through the floor of the room into the Dining Room which is below 217 (this is the room now famous for the "ghostly orchestra" in The ...

The room is thought to be haunted by Elizabeth Wilson, AKA Mrs. Wilson. She was the hotel’s head housekeeper and, during a storm in 1911, was injured during an explosion as she was lighting the lanterns in room 217.

Haunted events have been recorded at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, since as far back as 1911, when Ms. Elizabeth Wilson, a housekeeper, was electrocuted during a lightening storm.

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