Emily Morgan Hotel Haunted

emily morgan hotel haunted

emily morgan hotel haunted

The Emily Morgan is situated overlooking the Alamo, one of the most haunted locations in Texas! At night you may just catch a glimpse of long dead soldiers if you look out of your hotel room. During the Alamo, more than 600 soldiers lost their lives.

The Ghosts of the Emily Morgan It was born of marble rock before it became one of the most luxurious hotels in all of San Antonio, Texas. In comparison to many other historic hotels, the Emily Morgan Hotel has only been in action since its grand opening in 1984.

Many places around town have been the site of ghost investigations, including the Emily Morgan Hotel – the third most-haunted in the world, according to USA Today.

This website strives to be a cut above other haunted websites. If you go to practically any other “ghost site” that all seem to have the same stock entries on ‘haunted hotspots’ you will find an entry like this under the Emily Morgan Hotel: “Floor nine is a very active floor.

The Emily Morgan Hotel is located at 705 E. Houston Street in San Antonio, Texas.. The Emily Morgan Hotel was once the Medical Arts Building which was constructed in 1924. It is one of the most recognizable buildings in San Antonio.

San Antonio’s Emily Morgan Hotel has long been rumored as a spot full of ghosts and ghouls. Whether these rumors are true or simply stories drawn out from the hotel’s rich history is up to its visitors to decide.

The Emily Morgan Hotel and Other Real Haunted Hotels in San Antonio San Antonio, Texas has some great haunted hotels. See what guests at the haunted Emily Morgan Hotel in San Antonio have to say about their visit!

Ghosts of the Haunted Emily Morgan Hotel Eager ghost hunters are encouraged to book a room on one of several particularly active floors as well as checking out the haunted elevator. The fourteenth floor was once the crematorium as well as being a hospital and surgery floor along with the twelfth.

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