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estonia rivers

estonia rivers

List of rivers of Estonia. Rivers of Estonia are short and mostly have small discharge. Only 10 rivers are longer than 100 km. The largest river is Narva (length 77 km) on the Estonian- Russian border, whose average discharge is larger than that of all other rivers combined.

Estonia Geography. The country's average elevation reaches only 50 meters (164 ft). Over 1,400 small lakes dot the western parts of the country. The largest lakes includes Peipus and Pskov, ( shared with Russia) and Lake Vorts-Jarv. Rivers of size include the Emojogi, Manamagi and Parnu.

Winding rivers. In addition to its lakes, Estonia also has over 200 natural spring-fed rivers, and countless bogs of brownish but clean marshland waters. The most scenic of these are Piusa, Ahja and the 162-km Võhandu, which all have sections of exposed Devonian sandstone outcrops. Equally memorable is the Soomaa National park where,...

In the southeast is the Haanja Upland, containing Suur Munamägi (Great Egg Hill), which, at 1,043 feet (318 metres), is the highest point in Estonia. Estonia abounds in rivers, which flow to the Gulf of Finland, to the Gulf of Riga, and into Lake Peipus.

geography of Estonia. In Estonia: Relief and drainage The longest river, the Pärnu, stretches for about 90 miles (145 km); other important rivers are the Pedja, Narva, and Kasari. The country’s largest lake is Peipus, with a surface area of about 1,370 square miles (3,550 square km), which is shared with Russia. Lake Võrts is situated in….

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River floods Estonia Estonia: Vulnerabilities - Trends and variability. A study has been carried out on climate change in the Baltic Sea area (21). No statistically significant trend was found in long-term time series of annual river inflow into the Baltic Sea (1921–2005).

Estonian rivers Estonia can be divided into three main watersheds (Lake Peipsi, the Gulf of Finland, and the Gulf of Riga) and 27 main river basins. There are 7,000 rivers, brooks, and canals in Estonia.

7 RIVERS AND WATERFALLS The Pärnu is the longest river in Estonia at 144 kilometers (89 miles) long. It flows southwest, emptying into the Gulf of Riga at Pärnu Bay. Other important rivers include the Ema in the southeast and the Narva, which forms the country's northeastern border with Russia.

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