Futuristic Hotel Minecraft

futuristic hotel minecraft

futuristic hotel minecraft

Do You know that there are already hotels that are underwater? But this one here is seriously awesome, can You imagine Yourself sleeping underwater while little fishes are swimming past You? Well I guess it is possible in this hotel here, but the design of this hotel is so cool.

o Enania's Palace o Oriental Island The hotel was built on Teweran Make sure to check out my youtube account Somewhere in the ocean there is a little island with nothing but a hotel on it. It looks like it was done in the future I spend about 4 hours on building this futuristic hotel and its my...

Minecraft Futuristic Hotel Donate: http://tinyurl.com/ceok7w4 Planetminecraft:http:http://bit.ly/1piC5VI iDonPower 32x32 HD Texture Pack 1.8+: http://bit.ly/1voD5NY ...

It's a futuristic getaway vacation spot under the ocean! (Kind of the reverse of a fallout shelter :) Replete as usual with silly signs. Redmechanic (also known as my son) helped with the redstone contraptions for insta-new items.

English Hello I'm proud to show you my new map futuristic palace The size of the build is 300x300 Fran ais Salut a tous Aujourd'hui je vous pr sente une toute nouvelle map futuristic palace Les dimensions du build sont de 300x300.

Futuristic Hotel [Map] by Maps. Small but beautiful and the original hotel. Screenshots: ... The Ceranese Hotel – Minecraft’s Largest Hotel [Map] Small Hotel [Map] Jurassic Park Hotel [Map] Emerald Hotel [Map] Habbo Hotel [Map] Blue Lagoon Hotel [Map] Hotel Grande Royale – PVE ARENA [Map]

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