Game Of Thrones Ice Hotel Finland Lapland

game of thrones ice hotel finland lapland

game of thrones ice hotel finland lapland

(CNN) — "Game of Thrones" fans who have long dreamed of visiting its mythical Seven Kingdoms can now get the ultimate Westeros experience thanks to a new hotel in Lapland, Finland.

For the 2018 winter season, you can find a 'Game of Thrones' ice hotel in Lapland, Finland, complete with a White Walker and a full-sized throne of swords. The Manual Extras

A Game of Thrones-themed ice hotel has opened in Kittilä, Finnish Lapland. The property covers about 20,000 sq m and is part of an annual snow village, which also features an ice restaurant, ice ...

Game of Thrones G ame of Thrones fans rejoice! An incredible GOT-themed ice hotel has opened in the frozen north, complete with dragons, direwolves and dreaded White Walkers.

Lainio Snow Village in Kittilä, Lapland. Game of Thrones world in the world of Finnish ice and snow.

Lapland hotels have partnered with HBO to create a truly unique Game of Thrones experience - a GOT-themed ice hotel. Located in Finland, Lapland's SnowVillage hotel has just unveiled its Game of ...

In collaboration with HBO Nordic, Lapland Hotels SnowVillage has built an ice hotel in western Finland dedicated to 'Game of Thrones' This Game of Thrones Ice Hotel in Finland Will Bring Out Your ...

In case you wanted to experience what life at The Wall feels like, Finland has created a bonkers Game of Thrones-inspired ice hotel in Kittilä, a short flight from Helsinki.

This Game of Thrones hotel is located in Finland and consists of approximately 30 snow-built rooms. Lapland Hotels. Ice Restaurant Pull up an ice chair and have dinner at the hotel's Ice ...

The SnowVillage includes, for instance, ice sculptures, decorated snow suites, an ice restaurant and an ice bar, as well as an ice chapel. For the season 2018-2019, the SnowVillage will be created, for the second time in cooperation with HBO Nordic, based on scenes and characters of the popular Game of Thrones® television series.

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