Gettysburg Haunted Hotels

gettysburg haunted hotels

gettysburg haunted hotels

In 1863 the town of Gettysburg had a population of just 2,000 people (7,620 as of 2010), yet over 50,000 soldiers died here during that time. Quite possibly, the number of spirits could outweigh that of the living. Below we have listed some of the most haunted of Gettysburg’s haunted hotels.

The Gettysburg Hotel was established in 1797 and it is said to be one of the most haunted buildings in Gettysburg. It is apparently haunted by a spirit by the name of Rachel who is believed to be a Civil War era nurse who is apparently still looking for wounded soldiers that she can care for.

Gettysburg Hotel. The Gettysburg Hotel ( on the village square was a Civil War hospital and hosts a number of spirits. A woman dances in the ballroom and a nurse named Rachel ...

Hurry and book one of our favourite haunted hotels in Gettysburg and let us know if you experience any supernatural encounters with the other world. And if not, at least you get to enjoy the superb service, beautiful interiors, and amenities offered by these amazing accommodation options.

Answer 1 of 3: Someone told me once that there are some hotels in Gettysburg that are so haunted you can get your money back in the morning if you stay the whole night. I'm not really interested in the money, I just want to find the experience...

Our hotel makes it fun and easy to explore the haunted history of Gettysburg with our friends at Gettysburg Licensed Town Historians. Last year, we spoke with Jerry LaRussa, one of the guides , about some of the stories that he shares during the tours he gives around town.

The Gettysburg Hotel is kind of at the center of the paranormal storm. a quarter mile from the battlefield, and just steps from where Lincoln held the Gettysburg address, this Civil War-era hotel is one of the most haunted in the city. The hotel is known for its famous ghosts, one of which is Rachel, a nurse who died inside the hotel during the ...

Haunted Hotels. Places like hotels, battlefields and cemeteries -- anyplace where massive pain and suffering have occurred -- seem to be magnets for ghosts and wandering spirits. Hotels in Gettysburg are certainly not deficit -- or shy -- on this count.

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