Gettysburg Hotels Creepy

gettysburg hotels creepy

gettysburg hotels creepy

In 1863 the town of Gettysburg had a population of just 2,000 people (7,620 as of 2010), yet over 50,000 soldiers died here during that time. Quite possibly, the number of spirits could outweigh that of the living. Below we have listed some of the most haunted of Gettysburg’s haunted hotels.

The Haunted History of Gettysburg. Published September 28, 2018. Explore the haunted sites of Gettysburg this Autumn. Every historical setting is bound to have a few ghost stories and Gettysburg is no exception.

Book your Gettysburg stay with Gettysburg Hotel for an experience of a lifetime. Located in the heart of Lincoln Square, this hotel features many functional amenities–from swimming pools and indoor gyms to a whole variety of dining options in the vicinity.

Gettysburg Hotel. The Gettysburg Hotel ( on the village square was a Civil War hospital and hosts a number of spirits. A woman dances in the ballroom and a nurse named Rachel ...

I'm planning a trip to Gettysburg and I was wondering which hotels were haunted. I've read that the Farnsworth is haunted but if that was the only one in Gettysburg. I've read that the Farnsworth is haunted but if that was the only one in Gettysburg.

The Gettysburg Hotel is kind of at the center of the paranormal storm. a quarter mile from the battlefield, and just steps from where Lincoln held the Gettysburg address, this Civil War-era hotel is one of the most haunted in the city.

Some Gettysburg hotels that claim to be the most haunted and have the most active ghosts include the Farnsworth House Inn (, Best Western Gettysburg Hotel (, The Cashtown Inn ( and the Dobbins House (

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