Greenland Ice Hotel

greenland ice hotel

greenland ice hotel

A hotel and art exhibition made of ice from the river Torne, each year reincarnated in a brand new design. A place to discover silence, northern lights, glistening snow clad forests, reindeer, cloudberries, kettle coffee and much more.

Ice sculpting. To sculpt in ice is a must when you visit ICEHOTEL. The material, the crystal clear ice, there are plenty of in Jukkasjärvi. Let your creativity loose and join ICEHOTELs ice sculpting class, led by one of our in-house ice artists. Master the chisels and get to know thecrystal clearTorneriver ice as an art material for yourself.

Welcome to Hotel Arctic, the world's most northerly 4 star hotel with a 5 star conference centre. Right on the edge of the Ilulissat Ice Fjord - a wonder of the world which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List - and well within reach for everyone who wants the experience of a lifetime.

Hotel Arctic in Ilulissat is the only hotel in Greenland with a 5-star conference centre. The hotel itself is 4-star and offers free wifi in all rooms. Guests have a choice of 7 different types of rooms and suites, and it has attractive well-appointed no-smoking rooms.

Greenland Hotel Adventure. A complete trip in the pristine nature of Greenland but resting in hotel. daros de contacto. Duration: ... while he shares with us his knowledge about the characteristics of the glaciers in southern Greenland. Picnic lunch in the ice or at the camp, depending on weather conditions. ...

Day 1. Narsarsuaq and Qooroq Ice Fjord. Flight Keflavik (Iceland's international airport) or Copenhagen to Narsarsuaq (south Greenland). Reception at the airport and transfer to the Hotel for check-in and briefing.

The world’s coolest hotels may not be built to last, but the memory of staying the night inside one of these amazing ice hotels is something that won’t soon fade away. These magnificent ...

Photo By: Greenland Travel via Flickr Creative Commons 2.0. Photo By: Paul Horsefield via Flickr Creative Commons 2.0. Photo By: ... If there is such a thing as a rustic ice hotel, the Alta Igloo Hotel in the northeast corner of Norway would be it. The rooms are not very large, and low ceilings make them a bit claustrophobia-inducing. Still ...

Greenland's ice melting rate reaching 'tipping point' Study warns as global warming increases, Greenland is losing ice at a faster pace than ever before.

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