Haunted Goldfield Hotel Nevada

haunted goldfield hotel nevada

haunted goldfield hotel nevada

This Nevada Hotel Is Among The Most Haunted Places In The Nation. Goldfield is one of the many mining boomtowns that came to life when gold was discovered in the early 20th century. Today, just a few hundred people call this place home. Most of the buildings are in a dilapidated state and it mostly resembles what you would call a "living ghost town".

The Haunted Goldfield Hotel Nevada On the first floor of the hotel sits the rather impressive George Winfield Room. The hotel’s creator is said to be at pains to leave this room and his presence is often felt there.

Goldfield Hotel. In the almost ghost town of Goldfield, Nevada is the historic and reportedly very haunted Goldfield Hotel. The town of Goldfield was born when gold was discovered in 1902 and within just a few short years, it became the largest city in Nevada, as millions of dollars in ore were extracted from area mines.

Goldfield Hotel Ghost Story. In the downstairs employees' area, Room 109 is a small room with a single bed. The room is haunted by the presence of a pregnant woman. Psychics have seen her ghost chained to a radiator there. Rumors say a pregnant prostitute named Elizabeth was chained in the room by George Winfield, the original owner of the hotel.

Goldfield Hotel. We met up with the wonderful Haunted Nevada author, Janice Oberding, and two great guys from Empathic Paranormal, Richard St. Clair, and Cimmaron Sam. They introduced us to Virginia Ridgeway who was, up until recently the gatekeeper of the hotel, and is very protective of the hotel, it’s lingering spirits,...

The Goldfield Hotel lies in the small town of Goldfield surrounded by the Nevada desert. The ghost town, which was founded in 1802, these days holds a population of around 250 people. Back in the earlier days, Goldfield was a booming mining town .

Silver Queen Hotel near Carson City, NV. It is rumored that a prostitute committed suicide in Room 11 at the Silver Queen Hotel back in the 1800s, and her ghost has been roaming the hallways ever since. Whether or not that rumor is true is undetermined, but visitors still report very strange things happening.

The Goldfield Hotel is an historic four-story building located at the southeast corner of Crook Avenue and Columbia Avenue in Goldfield, Esmeralda County, Nevada.

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