Haunted Hotel Del Coronado

haunted hotel del coronado

haunted hotel del coronado

Ghostly Goings-On at the Hotel del Coronado. Kate Morgan – a young woman who checked into Hotel del Coronado in 1892 – never checked out. Instead, it’s thought her lovely likeness and gentle spirit remain as the resort’s resident ghost. Kate Morgan, age 24, arrived on Thanksgiving Day, alone and unhappy.

Is Hotel del Coronado Haunted?. Guests are intrigued by stories of apparitions and strange occurrences on the third floor, in the gift shop, and in other locations within the hotel.

Haunted Hotels: Ghost Hunting at the Hotel del Coronado. When I arrived, I met with the hotel's own historian, Chris Donovan. She has written a book about the hotel's resident ghost, Kate Morgan. Kate was a young woman who checked into the hotel over Thanksgiving weekend under an alias, stayed a few nights, and killed herself on the steps of the hotel leading to the ocean.

Kate Morgan has been haunting Hotel del Coronado in San Diego for more than a century. Photo courtesy of the Hotel del Coronado. Kate Morgan registered at San Diego's Hotel del Coronado as Lottie Bernard but never checked out, and her ghost still haunts the hotel. Photo courtesy of the Hotel del Coronado.

The Haunted Hotel Del Coronado in California. By the month of February in the year of 1888, the popular hotel was opened to customers wishing to visit the area sporting the advertisement: “Free from Malaria, Hay Fever, Mad Dogs, Cyclones, or Cold Snaps”. Many found this so appealing that they flocked to the structure.

Hotel del Coronado, San Diego, California. One of the most haunted rooms in the hotel is the resort’s gift shop. The gift shop was established in 1888 and it was originally located in the hotel’s lower lobby level. It is reported that glassware, pictures and other things in the room keep flying off from the shelves and the wall.

The Hotel del Coronado was known as a seaside resort for the rich and famous soon after its opening in 1888. That all changed in 1892, when the body of young Kate Morgan was found on the steps leading down to the beach.

The Haunted Hotel Del Coronado. The famous legends of Kate Morgan and Thomas Edison proved to be completely false. Mrs. Lottie A. Bernard who registered in November 1892 claims she is not Kate Morgan. Thomas Edison did not install the electric lights in the Hotel Del Coronado.

Hotel del Coronado, California ... Dubbed “the most haunted hotel in America,” the Crescent Hotel & Spa in Eureka Springs and its spooky happenings have been explored by TV shows like “Ghost ...

Kate Morgan. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Kate Morgan (1865–1892), born Kate Farmer, was an American woman who died under mysterious circumstances, and is thought by locals to now haunt the Hotel del Coronado in Coronado, California. She was buried at nearby Mount Hope Cemetery in Division 5 Section 1.

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