Haunted Hotel Ghosts

haunted hotel ghosts

haunted hotel ghosts

The 13 most haunted hotels in the world. You ain't afraid of no ghost? See if you can keep from getting spooked as Oyster.com counts down the 13 most haunted hotels in the world.

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Photography is encouraged during the tour of Colorado's most haunted hotel, so John Mausling and his wife, Jessica Martinez-Mausling, took several snapshots along the way. Later on, while looking back at their pictures, the couple spotted what appears to be a young girl near the staircase on the lower right hand side in one of the pictures.

The Grenville Hotel in the Bayhead area of New Jersey is apparently haunted by several ghosts. There are frequent reports of apparitions wandering the corridors and guests will often complain about children playing noisily in the lobby when there are no kids staying at the hotel!

The Hotel Monteleone may be haunted and over a century old, but it certainly can never be considered bland. Hotel Monteleone: A Literary Author's Slice of Heaven. Just as famous for its ghosts, the Hotel Monteleone is also very well known for the number of literary greats who have considered the hotel "home" during their stays in New Orleans.

Related To: Deep in the heart of Louisiana's Voodoo land, The Myrtles Plantation is believed to be one of America's most haunted houses. Over 12 ghosts have been rumored to haunt the plantation, the most famous being a former slave wearing a green turban named Chloe. Guests at New Orleans' Hotel Provincial, a former Confederate hospital,...

Ayers-Allen House Metuchen, New Jersey. The Ayers-Allen House is a private residence that dates back to the 1700s. It is believed to be haunted. Witnesses say the ghosts who live here are Revolutionary War or Hessian soldiers or a woman searching for her young son who was killed by British soldiers.

Strange ghost mist in fountain gardens Dr. Bakers St. Bernard in hallway wall Ghost sighting Ghost sighting Ghost sighting Unknown Mist in front of hotel Faces in Conservatory Windows Faded hand image in the morgue Ghost sighting Unknown figure Ghost cat Black blur in downstairs bathroom.

Investigated by TV's Ghost Hunters, the Union County Courthouse is said to be haunted by spirits from the Revolutionary War era. A woman's ghost has been seen in the rotunda, and Hannah Caldwell, the first woman to die in the American Revolution, is said to haunt a fifth floor courtroom ...

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