Haunted Hotel Marietta Ohio

haunted hotel marietta ohio

haunted hotel marietta ohio

Lafayette Hotel - Marietta OH Real Haunted Place Real Haunts » Real Haunted Hotels & Lodging. 101 Front St. Marietta, OH (740) 373-5522; Details Average Review Listing Categories Real Haunted Hotels & Lodging Open To Public Yes - Open To Public Share Your Experiences. The strange happenings that occurred at this hotel include footsteps and ...

1 - Hotel Cincinnati Netherland Plaza, CincinnatiBook a Room. One of the most haunted hotels in Ohio is said to be the Hotel Cincinnati Netherland Plaza. It is famously said to be haunted by the ‘Lady in Green’ who walks around the hall of mirrors and the mezzanine level of the hotel. She has not only been spotted by guests,...

Haunted History of Marietta, Ohio: 7 Spooky, Kooky, Crazy Tales. April 24, 2017April 12, 2017. There’s plenty if reasons to love the haunted history of Marietta, Ohio, even if you’re not of fan of getting the pants scared off you.

You’ll Never Forget Your Stay At The Most Haunted Hotel In Ohio. It’s a beautiful town, known for its Victorian-style houses, European ambience, brick streets, sternwheelers—and ghosts. Right across the Ohio River stands Ohio's most haunted hotel. It's one of the most popular paranormal attractions in the historic town.

Hidden Marietta is offering a Haunted History Tour of the hotel tonight. At the Lafayette Hotel, some say, it is the dead that bring history to life.

Established in 1788, Marietta is a historic and elegant town nestled at the confluence of two rivers. Visitors come to wander our shady brick streets and gaze at Victorian mansions. They love to browse for antiques and make merry in our bars and restaurants.

Haunted Hotel The Layfette Hotel in Historical Marietta Ohio Fire Walker ... the third floor is where most of the activity happens.Every death that has happened in this hotel happened on the third ...

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