Haunted Hotels Texas

haunted hotels texas

haunted hotels texas

Join us in exploring some of the most haunted hotels in Texas! 9 - The Excelsior Hotel, Jefferson Book a Stay. The Excelsior Hotel is the oldest hotel in East Texas opening its doors in the 1850s. This hotel has had some famous guests including Oscar Wilde and Steven Spielberg.

10 Most Haunted Hotels in Texas [Warning: Ghosts Inside!] The ever expansive lone star state is home to many parks, attractions and beautiful hotels to call your home away from home. But some of those have a dark past—ones that resurface no matter how hard owners and staff try to keep them at bay.

Supposedly one of the most haunted towns in Texas, Jefferson is home to many hotels that still are very much alive with residents from beyond the grave. If you stay at the Jefferson, come prepared to stay up all night, because these ghosts like to cause a lot of ruckus.

These 13 Haunted Places In Texas Will Send Chills Down Your Spine. Amid all of the fun and festivities that go on here, Texas actually has plenty of creepy haunted hotels, warehouses, and hospitals lurking in the shadows, too.

The Hotel Galvez is one of the oldest hotels on Galveston Island and it is also one of the most haunted locations in Texas. Room 505, in particular, is said to be haunted and many guests cannot make it through the night due to feeling so uneasy in the room.

Jefferson's Haunted Hotels and Inns. Jefferson, in the East Texas pineywoods, has often been called the most haunted town in Texas. And for good reason. More than one hotel boasts of spirits that go bump in the night..

A guide and story summary of haunted hotels and other ghostly accommodations in Texas.

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