Haunted Locations In New Orleans Hotel

haunted locations in new orleans hotel

haunted locations in new orleans hotel

Another one of the most haunted hotels in New Orleans is the Dauphine Orleans hotel situated in the French Quarter. Some of the areas of this hotel date back to around 1775. There have been many people in and out of the Dauphine Orleans over the years including the famous John James Audubon.

New Orleans hotels are widely known for offering their guests thrills and chills, but no other haunted hotel is so scary, it’s rightfully earned the label of “Haunted” to describe it. Built in 1829, this building is one of the oldest in New Orleans and home to many horrifying haunts and unexplained mysterious.

Bourbon Orleans Hotel: The Bourbon Orleans is said to be one of the most haunted hotels in New Orleans. In the past, the hotel was the Convent of the Holy Family and after 1960, the convent was transformed into the hotel. The infamous second floor ballroom hosted many of New Orleans’ most prestigious events.

Le Pavillon. Located in New Orleans' Central Business District, Le Pavillon is one of New Orleans' most luxurious, and haunted Hotels. The stories of the ghost which haunted the Le Pavillon are well-known. It seems like every floor has a ghost of its' own. Perhaps, the most haunted rooms in the Le Pavillon are the suites,...

Bourbon Orleans, Wyndham Hotel. Locals say it is the most haunted hotel in the Crescent City. In the past, the Hotel was the home at one time or another to the Convent of the Holy Family (an Order of Negro nuns), the Orleans Theatre and the Grand Ballroom, but one of it’s most infamous was as the Quadroon Ballroom,...

These nine haunted places in New Orleans will terrify even the most skeptical tourist. Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop. 941 Bourbon Street. Lafitte’s is one of the oldest buildings in New Orleans. It’s also believed to be one of the oldest buildings in the United States to be home to a bar.

New Orleans, one of the most notoriously haunted cities in the United States, has a tremendous share of haunted locations. Many of these are viewed by ghost tour groups, and others have been reinvented to provide services to customers even after over a hundred years of existence.

New Orleans, one of America’s most haunted cities, has more than its share of haunted hotels. Even if you don’t see a ghost, you’ll enjoy hearing about those who did. If the spirit moves you, check out the list of hotels below.

Many locals know the best place to experience a one-on-one encounter with some of the resident ghosts and ghouls that haunt New Orleans. Haunted New Orleans Tours has created a definitive guide to some of the city’s spookiest and most ghost-ridden Locations where specters make contact with the living on an almost daily basis.

Today, let's sidestep the sidewalk-clogging hordes of tourists on their ghost-vampire-spooky haunted tours and check out 11 legitimately creepy places around New Orleans. Are they haunted? Who knows.

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