Haunted Morse Mill Hotel

haunted morse mill hotel

haunted morse mill hotel

Morse Mill Haunted Hotel, Morse Mill, Missouri. 3,501 likes · 353 talking about this · 788 were here. The Morse Mill Hotel is a hotbed of paranormal...

THE BUILDING The Morse Mill Hotel, located in Jefferson County, MO is full of history, as well as some mystery. The building was constructed in 1816 as a farm house while the area was still ruled by the Spanish under Louisiana Territory.

The Travel Channel came calling and filmed the Morse Mill Hotel for the “Most Terrifying Places in America.” Patrick has opened the hotel for paranormal tours while he works on returning the building to its former glory. The hotel is reportedly haunted by several ghosts.

A county park (also reported to be haunted) is on the other side. After Morse died, the place became a hotel and saw many famous guests. Charles Lindbergh and Charlie Chaplin are said to have stayed here in the 1920s when Morse Mill was a popular tourist retreat.

Morse Mill’s Haunted Hotel. Historically, the Morse Mill building was an old farmhouse (built in 1816) before it was modified into a popular hotel establishment by engineer John Morse (who the town is named after). It was once a hospital for Confederate war prisoners (as well as a brothel, speakeasy, post office and half-way house).

Now, The Morse Mill Hotel was originally built in 1816 by John Morse, he was an engineer that was well known for building bridges. In the beginning it was a modest little place but a little later, Morse decided that it was time to add on so it was expanded into this 5300 sq ft. monstrosity of a residence.

Morse Mill Haunted Hotel is your home for all paranormal and haunted happenings at this historic hotel. We never know what we will capture on our videos so o...

Haunted Morse Mill Hotel in Missouri The Morse Mill Hotel is located in the tiny community of Morse Mill in the Meramec Valley of Jefferson County, Missouri. The building was originally built in 1816 as a farm house.

Morse Mill became a resort town, with people coming to enjoy the slow, cool waters of the Big River. I first heard of the Morse Mill Hotel while doing an Internet search for haunted locations to investigate. I found an article about a documentary called the Morse Mill Project that was filmed in November of 2008.

Morse Mill Hotel, Missouri: The hotel is reportedly haunted by several ghosts. Annabelle is a friendly ghost child who plays in the attic. Tourists have left toys for her, which they said Annabelle has moved around the rooms.

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