Haunted Morse Mill Hotel

haunted morse mill hotel

haunted morse mill hotel

THE BUILDING The Morse Mill Hotel, located in Jefferson County, MO is full of history, as well as some mystery. The building was constructed in 1816 as a farm house while the area was still ruled by the Spanish under Louisiana Territory.

Morse Mill Haunted Hotel, Morse Mill, Missouri. 3,563 likes · 790 were here. The Morse Mill Hotel is a hotbed of paranormal activity with a rich historic...

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This hotel dates back to 1816 and was once a farmhouse. Some famous guests that have stayed at the hotel include Al Capone, Clara Bow, Charles Lindbergh, Jesse James, and serial killer Bertha Gifford, who killed many victims by posioning with arsenic. Witnesses have reported footsteps, apparitions, voices, cold breezes and photographic images.

Morse Mill’s Haunted Hotel. Historically, the Morse Mill building was an old farmhouse (built in 1816) before it was modified into a popular hotel establishment by engineer John Morse (who the town is named after). It was once a hospital for Confederate war prisoners (as well as a brothel, speakeasy, post office and half-way house).

Morse Mill Haunted Hotel is your home for all paranormal and haunted happenings at this historic hotel. We never know what we will capture on our videos so o...

Haunted Places in Jefferson County, Missouri. Morse Mill Hotel Dittmer, Missouri Built in 1816 as a farmhouse, the hotel had its heyday in the 1920s and '30s. Clara Bow, Charles Lindbergh, Jesse James and Al Capone are among the famous guests who stayed here, as well as serial killer Bertha Gifford, who killed many victims by poisoning with arsenic.

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