Haunted Savannah Georgia Hotels

haunted savannah georgia hotels

haunted savannah georgia hotels

Savannah, GA has always had a reputation for being one of the most haunted cities in the entire country, if not the world! It seems like every street has one or more buildings with a spook in residence.

Haunted Hotels in Savannah, GA. Other Haunted Locations: Haunted Places in Georgia. Do you Have a Haunted Hotel? Want to Increase Bookings? Add Your Hotel. Quick View. The Partridge Inn, Augusta, GA. Quick View. The Marshall House Hotel, Savannah, GA. Quick View. The Beverly Hills Inn, Atlanta, Georgia.

Forget haunted houses, Savannah, one of America’s Most Haunted Cities, has several supernatural sightings at the very places many guests rest each evening. Whether it be eerie inns or ghostly guests spotted around the hotel grounds, Georgia’s First City has more than its fair share of spooky stories.

Haunted Hotels in Savannah Georgia. If you've ever wanted to spend the night in a hotel that is haunted by the ghosts of past-times, Savannah is a great city to do that in - explore out Haunted Hotels

Haunted Hotels. You never know who (or what) you'll encounter at the haunted Kehoe House bed & breakfast ... Savannah, GA 31401. Based on 1420 Reviews Based on 65 Reviews. ... The 6 Most Haunted Places in Savannah That You Can Actually Visit. Savannah is widely known as the most haunted city in... Read More. More Haunted Hotels Inspiration.

About Savannah's Haunts and Ghosts. As the oldest city in Georgia, it’s no surprise that Savannah has its share of haunted attractions. From shanghaied sailors at the Pirates House to strange, unexplained happenings at at many of the city's historic buildings, you’ll find a ghostly presence no matter where you go in Savannah.

The Haunted Marshall House Hotel Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia, and what that title actually means, what it brings to the table, is a whole lotta unexplainable happenings. Many of the historic buildings in Savannah, have at least one ghostly presence, frankly, it doesn't seem to matter where you go in the city, something supernatural ...

Welcome to Savannah, a beautiful southern city that is brimming with gorgeous architecture in historic homes and museums, natural beauty and fascinating history.Savannah, Georgia is known for all of these things; but it’s also known for being the most haunted city in the United States.

This haunted hotel was built in 1820 and is the oldest hotel in Savannah. This hotel is known for the ghost of Anne Powell, a young women who fell to her death from the window of room 204.

Olde Harbour Inn—one of the many haunted hotels in Savannah, GA—is home to "Hank," the most-often encountered "ghost" at the hotel. Guests have reported smelling cigar smoke when no smokers were present, experiencing things moving around, coins dropping on the floor, and other spooky shenanigans.

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