Hector Guimard Castel Beranger

hector guimard castel beranger

hector guimard castel beranger

Castel Béranger. The Castel Béranger is a residential building with thirty-six apartments located at 14 rue de la Fontaine in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. It was designed by the architect Hector Guimard, and built between 1895 and 1898. It was the first residence in Paris built in the style known as Art Nouveau.

The Art Nouveau Castel Béranger by Hector Guimard. If you're new here, you may be interested in downloading the guide "20 Amazing Offbeat Places in Paris". Click here to get your free copy now! Thanks for visiting! Castel Béranger is one of Paris’ most extravagant buildings, built in the Art Nouveau style by Hector Guimard.

Hector Guimard. Hector Guimard (10 March 1867 – 20 May 1942) was a French architect, who is now the best-known representative of the Art Nouveau style of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Guimard's critical reputation has risen since the 1960s, as many art historians have praised his architectural and decorative work,...

Le castel Béranger d’Hector Guimard 22 février 2018 By Craftsdigger Au 12-14, rue La Fontaine dans le XVIe arrondissement, se trouve un bien étrange immeuble, qui détonne dans le paysage environnant.

Guimard was to exploit its competition as an occasion for promoting le style Guimard. To this end he staged an exhibition of the building and its contents in the Salon du Figaro in 1899, while simultaneously publishing a book of the work under the title, L'Art dans l'habitation moderne. Le Castel Béranger.

The Castel Béranger : Birth of Art Nouveau. At first because it is a masterpiece of Hector Guimard, one of only French architects that Parisians come across every day when using the subway. And then, because this building is considered as an artwork of Guimard, founder of his Art Nouveau style.

Castel Béranger--page 1 (of three pages) It is also radical in its combination of various materials and textures in the facade. Guimard used pierre de taille, glazed bricks in both red and grey, millstones, various metals--cast iron (which had only been used in railroad stations, greenhouses, and factories) and copper, and stained-glass.

Castel Beranger, Paris (1895-98) In 1898 it won the inaugural façade competition launched by the city of Paris to encourage new variety in design amongst the city's monotonous stretches of bourgeois apartment buildings. This distinction, now carved into the façade, catapulted Guimard to instant fame.

Hector Guimard. (1867-1942) French architect. Guimard introduced Art Nouveau in Paris. He brought it from Bruxelles in 1894 when he visited Horta. This visit has upset all the work he was doing on Castel Beranger. Guimard is the most important Art Nouveau archiect in France. Nevertheless a large part of his works was destroyed.

Hector Guimard's first project was to design the interior of the "Au Grand Neptune" restaurant in Paris. This was followed by several commissions for private dwellings in Paris and environs. His most important work and masterpiece was the Paris dwelling Castel Béranger, 60 rue La Fontaine (1894-1897).

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