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horror hotel tattoo

horror hotel tattoo

Hosted by Lamia, Queen of the Dark, Horror Hotel brings you the best in classic and independent horror and sci-fi movies. With a knowledgeable host and a motley cast of characters, this show is sure to keep any fan of the horror genre entertained. Also featuring interviews with independent filmmakers and horror icons, film trailers, short films, horror trivia, event coverage and more, Horror ...

Horror Hotel, Brighton Pier, Brighton. 17 likes. Arts & Entertainment

If you live in the Cleveland area of Ohio then there is a possibility that you may have come across Horror Hotel. What is that you may ask? Well, it’s actually two things: It is a popular film festival and a hosted horror show that can be viewed on Retro Television, the Action Channel, or online. Horror… Read More »Interview with Kristina Michelle: Hostess of the Horror Hotel Show and ...

HORROR HOTEL - 1960 - TRAILER. HORROR HOTEL - 1960 - TRAILER ... Worst Tattoo Fails That Are So Dumb They Are Funny - Duration: ... Horror & Suspense Movies of the 1960s TV trailers - Duration: ...

Why do we love film festivals so much? The crazy activities, the below the radar movies, and the large quantities of stuff to buy are all a part of the charm, but my favorite aspect is talking to people, especially the artists. The creators can have so many interesting things to say and that’s where… Read More »Infestation: Horror Hotel Film Festival and the Indie Gathering

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Horror Hotel and Lamia have become the staple of our family Saturday nights. My generation grew up ... on the Cool Ghoul, the Fear Monger, Paul E. Bearer, etc., and later Elvira, but (with all due respect) none compare to Lamia. Beautiful, witty, and fun, she covers both nostalgia and a present day return to classic fun, at a time when life was, in so many ways, still magickal.

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