Horror Hotel Web Series

horror hotel web series

horror hotel web series

Mystery, thriller, suspense stories including Sci-Fi and Horror. Horror Hotel is an anthology series featuring suspense thriller tales inspired by Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Horror Hotel: The Webseries. Curley the gangster acquires a mind reading tooth invented by Nikola Tesla. He takes it to an electronics wizard, Fat Zac, to retrofit the tooth to fit inside his mouth. The outcome isn't what he ...

You are to date, the only recurring character in the Horror Hotel web series as Al Sharko, the crafty fence that all the guests at the hotel associated with crime, seem to know. He appeared in episode "Houdini's Hand: and was a feature character in episode "Guillotine".

Horror Hotel is a new anthology web series heavily influenced by classics such as The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits. Created by Ricky Hess, Horror Hotel is an eclectic mix of sci-fi, horror and film noir set against the backdrop of a seedy motel on a road to nowhere.

Our Halloween issue seemed the perfect time to talk about an interesting web series called Horror Hotel. Recently we interviewed the show’s creator Ricky Hess about this interesting series, and you can even check out an episode of the series at the end of this post! KRL: Why did you want to do ...

Horror Hotel is an anthology series like The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Now all episodse are Closed Captioned for Hearing Impaired. Created...

Web-series producer: “Horror Hotel” is a character of its own (exclusive) Horror Hotel was created and produced by Ricky Hess who also directed a number of the episodes including the Hitchcock style “Bookworm” which was shoot in living black and white under the supervision of Cinematographer Donovan Henneberg-Verity.

Tesla's Tooth Podcast. Based off an episode of the Horror Hotel series. Curley the gangster has got a hold of a rare artifact. A mind reading tooth invented by Nikola Tesla. He wants to use it in a big poker game but must get a retrofit to his mouth with a visit to Fat Zac, an electronics wizard.

Storyline. In the vein of Elvira, Horror Hotel features the new queen of the night, Lamia (Lay-me-uh), who will bring you the best horror movies you have yet to see. From independent horror films to classic black and whites, you'll find out more about the movies, the people involved in making them and all of their horrifying stories.

The 16 Best Horror Shows on YouTube. There's a craftsmanship in rubber suits and carefully aimed blood spatter that is all too rare today. Many horror fans, tired of the pixels masquerading as guts and gore, the sequels, the reboots, the preboots, the re-imaginings, have been forced to turn to other avenues to scratch the horror itch,...

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