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Hosted by Lamia, Queen of the Dark, Horror Hotel brings you the best in classic and independent horror and sci-fi movies. With a knowledgeable host and a motley cast of characters, this show is sure to keep any fan of the horror genre entertained. Also featuring interviews with independent filmmakers and horror icons, film trailers, short films, horror trivia, event coverage and more, Horror ...

A young college student arrives in a sleepy Massachusetts town to research witchcraft; during her stay at an eerie inn, she discovers a startling secret about the town and its inhabitants.

Given the runaway success of Hammer's horror movies at the time that this rival feature was made, I find it remarkable that, besides poaching one of the studio's stars, Christopher Lee, Horror ...

The City of the Dead (U.S. title: Horror Hotel) is a 1960 horror film directed by John Llewellyn Moxey and starring Christopher Lee, Venetia Stevenson, Betta St. John, Patricia Jessel and Valentine Dyall.Produced in the United Kingdom but set in America, the British actors were required to speak with North American accents throughout.

User Ratings: Underrated Horror Gem. Glenn 2018-11-06 . Excellent movie with solid cast. Horror Hotel succeeds as good atmospheric horror. The acting is good and the black and white photoplay lends itself to a...

The International Horror Hotel Film Festival and Convention is held every June in Northeast Ohio. We have yearly competitions for films, scripts and music videos in the following genres: fantasy, horror, horror-comedy, slasher, sci-fi and suspense-thriller, documentary (film only), and experimental (film only), as well as a yearly horror film scoring competition.

is an anthology series featuring suspense thriller tales inspired by Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Each door is a passage into the future, the past, alternate dimensions, and more!! Meet survivors along the way that give you hints while you make your daring escape.... Good luck, and watch out for the horror's that still lurk in the rooms of this forgotten hotel..... Directions: Go in each door of the hotel, and don't skip any.

I got this for 2 reasons- I LOVE horror anthologies and I love horror movies that take place in a crappy small motel. The premise was there and I suppose these people have a following that I was unaware of before getting this movie (hence the extra star- oh and I liked maybe one of the stories) but this movie is campy to the point of extreme.

Directions. The Hotel of Horror is located at 5105 Cherry Valley Rd., Saylorsburg PA 18353 . From route 80. Take Route 33 South to Saylorsburg exit. Turn right onto PA-115 then right onto Cherry Valley Rd.

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